EP2 : How to download your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

How to download your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive?

In the modern world, we have all kinds of gadgets that makes us communicate easily. Among them are phones, laptops, and other electronics. We use our smartphones and other digital devices daily without realizing its implications on what is being done in real estate. The world of technology has gone beyond just communication and made us live different lives. It also helps people stay connected socially through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Whatsapp among many more. You can now use these amazing features that you find on any smart gadget to improve your lifestyle and make sure you keep up with your friends. However, your smartphone or device may be running slow at times and doesn’t let you perform simple tasks. That’s where having access to an extra virtual storage such as cloud service comes into play. For example: If your phone becomes slow, then you need not worry about what you’re gonna do with it. Instead, you still have access to a few online services. A reliable cloud storage company like SkyMiles will help you get back your data when it gets very slow on your device. There is no need for downloading anything else to solve this issue. This article tells you everything you need to know about how you can get your WhatsApp backups transferred from your computer to their desired destination, Google Drive, within minutes and even minutes. To learn more visit this blog or check out their website.

How can I get my WhatsApp backups transferred from my laptop?

To transfer WhatsApp backups from your Windows computer to Gmail or other accounts, follow the steps outlined below:

Go to Microsoft Edge on your Windows computer/desktop and type “Microsoft Edge Internet Archive.” This will take you to another page where you have to select “Gmail" or "GSuite". Once you click on ‘Go’, you should see two windows popping up on your screen. One will be your account that you want to download the backup. And one will be Gmail. Once those steps are complete, go to the folder that was given for WhatsApp and download your backup. Now go to Yahoo Mail and search for the folder that contains the data that was deleted on your computer. When that folder is found, delete it. Once done, you should see your saved backups on your laptop.

How to recover WhatsApp backups from my iPhone?

To recover your WhatsApp backup, follow the steps outlined below:

First, open all applications that are compatible with iPhone to open the App Store. Open Safari and look for the App Store icon of Apple. On this Apple’s app store, tap on ‘Share’. Select from the list of apps and install the same on your iPhone. You can now open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Now, go to the contact list and locate the WhatsApp number of the person you think can download your backup. Tap on that number to start sending messages. Once you receive a message, confirm it via text. This process might take some time depending on the size of WhatsApp. Once done, send the entire conversation to the receiver using ‘Send’. Make sure you’ve got your iOS mobile code, iCloud or your IP address to open this email account. After getting the final text (from Facebook, Messenger, etc.), tap on ‘Send’. Follow the instructions to proceed further. Enter the SMS text you received and tap ‘Send’. Finally, wait till the message gets delivered. Confirm and enter the password and complete the process. On this step, you will have your new encrypted WhatsApp account in place. Now, you have full access to the WhatsApp beta versions.

How to download your WhatsApp backups through a Google drive account? This is probably the most common method of transferring the WhatsApp backups but if you’re looking for an alternative solution, there is another way you could achieve it as well. First step would be downloading the WhatsApp Desktop application. Then, sign-in to your Google Drive account to view all your folders. Once that folder is seen, tap on the folder and select the right option (‘Go’). Now, you should see folders and copies of your old files inside them. Go ahead and copy them to the desired location. Note down your credentials and enter them into the application to begin uploading. Now, you must wait until the file gets uploaded before accessing that particular folder. Once done, make sure your information is updated accordingly in the desktop application. Lastly you will download your backup on your Android mobile device. Take note of the location where it gets attached and repeat the process to download your backup. This time you might have to sign-up with Google Drive. Once done the same procedures are followed for accessing your backup.

How to get WhatsApp backups from iCloud account?

Just follow the same procedure as above but instead of downloading the desktop app of WhatsApp, create a separate directory in your Mac. Once on that folder (you have created), tap on WhatsApp Desktop and click on “Open Folder”. Now, choose the folder that you want to move the WhatsApp backup onto. Choose the folder that will hold the required files, and then open a terminal, type the following command:

cd /Applications/YOUR APP NAME /Downloader

If it doesn’t generate any output, you can open the folder directly from that folder with the following command:

cd /Applications/YOUR APP NAME /Downloader

After choosing your folder, the installer will run all over again. You’ll see that after it completes the whole process, the folder will appear on your window along with all of the files in it. Just download the folder, make sure to extract all your media files and move them to the correct folder. After everything gets moved, you should now see a notification and your WhatsApp backups on your PC. Wait! Before doing so you need to verify your information and tap on the link provided by the sender. Now, you should proceed further with your backup. You’ll hear the official notification for the latest backup. Do all the necessary processes and follow the directions. Keep in mind that whenever you download a new backup, you will have to give permission to access it to open it directly on your computer.

How much does it cost to buy your WhatsApp backups?

The prices depend on the amount of business that has WhatsApp available. They range anywhere between $4–$10 per gigabyte. Thus, they are affordable solutions, especially for small businesses. On the other hand, buying your own WhatsApp backup is expensive, because it also needs to be backed up which makes it difficult. But that said, the best course of action here is to purchase your own backup solution and access it from the cloud if you want.

How can I change the WhatsApp privacy setting settings on my device?

Setting WhatsApp’s privacy settings on your device is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to know is the version of WhatsApp that you have installed on your device. If your device is already updated to update 2.22 or higher version, then it will automatically apply the changes. Alternatively, you can manually go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Change. To set it on both devices, simply go to WhatsApp > Setting > More > Notifications > Customize Notification Options > Set > Next to the option titled “Use private groups to share content with family members and friends”. Once you select this option, you will see the switch under “Private Groups” > Only Contacts in Group > Use as contacts > No Contacts in group > Private chat > Allow more users to join your groups > Enable notifications, only from this contact list, and more > Show all contact lists > Show more info > Show groups on contacts > Display status about groups > Add groups to the top of the contacts list > Update groups to hide them > Create custom groups > Move groups to another user list > Select remove groups from the contact list > Send all group invites for anyone who joins groups > Create groups on the other device > Click on Save Changes and leave. So, now you just need to select “Use private group”. After selecting this option, you will see a notification, asking your consent. Now, select Continue and select “Save”. Then, once done, you will see all the updates. After getting all the updates done, you will need to accept the terms and conditions to continue using WhatsApp. Once done, click Save and save your changes.

How can I enable the read receipts feature on WhatsApp?

To enable the Read Receipt feature on WhatsApp, it is recommended to run the following steps:

Now that you have an active WhatsApp account, open your WhatsApp and go to the Home -> My Account -> Details -> General > Settings >> Reading Recipients and click on Read Later. Or select the section which you just opened and click on the menu option, then click on ‘Read later’ option. The choice for reading a receipt or deletion is yours as a personal decision. Then, press Create new receipt. Once chosen, press Done. As soon as the processing is completed, you can see a message informing of the creation of a new receipt.

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