Men Who Eat Meat Should be Banned from S3x – PETA

Men Who Eat Meat Should be Banned from Sex – PETA

The German branch of Peta claims men who eat meat should be banned from having s3x, citing a research published last year in the scientific journal PLOS One.

The study apparently found that men emit 41 per cent more greenhouse gases than the female population with their eating habits.The animal rights group linked the figures to ‘toxic masculinity’.

“If you want to resolve the climate crisis, you have to reduce meat consumption, and that’s not going to happen so long as masculinity is constructed around meat,” said Daniel Cox, campaigns team leader for Peta Germany.

The activist added that a s3x ban would be a decent toll on meat-eating men, "After all, every child not born saves 58.6 tons of CO2-equivalent per year," she said.

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