The 6 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own


Oxford shoes

Every outfit calls for specific colors and designs in mens leather shoes that either enhance the overall look or, if disregarded, might ruin the overall look. Your confidence can be destroyed by this sort of issue.

Gentlemen, it's time to enhance your footwear game. We provide the 6 types of Shoes every man should own in this article.

1. Brown Oxford Shoes

When it comes to mens leather Shoes, are there any more traditional styles than brown oxford shoes? In our opinion, no. Despite the wide range of colors that are currently available, nothing compares to the iconic brown oxford Shoes, which are perfect for everything from a tie event to your traditional working clothes.

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2. Mens Brogues

Brogues are a necessity when it relates to the classics. The traditional pattern of brown Oxford Shoes with perforated uppers is a mainstay in the closets of many fashionable guys. Your day will be well-dressed if you pair them with jeans or perhaps a double-breasted linen suit.

Buy Brogues from Barker Shoes: There are numerous contemporary and traditional varieties of finely constructed brogue shoes available.

3. Mens Loafers

Loafers are ideal for all of your smart-casual outfits because they have a relaxed appearance. Both classic menswear and contemporary streetwear outfits will look great with loafers, whether they are cropped loose-fit jeans or tailored pants. 

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4. Mens Derbys

The open lacing characteristic of the derbies distinguishes them from brown oxford Shoes and allows you to open the shoe's facing outward. The facing of these mens leather shoes are stitched to the shoe. Even though these mens leather Shoes have a more professional appearance, they look fantastic when worn with casual clothing.

Buy Derbys from Barker Shoes: The Barker Shoes range includes both styles with and without brogue detailing that goes well with both casual and formal attire.

5. Mens Boots

Boots, which are excellent for the wintertime, can instantly improve your look. Put them with a denim-on-denim combination or even with a suit and hoodie to achieve a classy look.

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6. Mens Sneakers

An elegant yet relaxed pair of sneakers is essential for the modern man. It is almost impossible to go wrong when you wear sneakers. Choose the ideal sneakers, and enjoy wearing it with pants, shorts, chinos, or even jeans. 

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You should never wear one without the other; a decent dress and a pair of mens leather Shoes go together. We hope this helped to clarify why these mens leather Shoes were included in our list of the types of Shoes you should own.

Mens leather shoes of decent quality cost about $360. Although it seems expensive, investing in a good pair of mens leather shoes will pay off in the long run. A good pair of Brown Oxford shoes is what we recommend. The Brown Oxford shoes are a must-have for men's fashion. They distinguish between men and boys and are stylish and dressy.

Barker Shoes has every style of shoe listed in this article, from brown oxford Shoes to sneakers, so you may purchase your ideal mens leather Shoes right away.

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