How To Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

How To Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

I have been on Facebook for almost 8 years now, and I have only deleted 2 groups on this platform in that time. In that timeframe, the most popular ones were ‘friends’ and ‘family’. But sometimes you need a little more freedom in your posts. For example, if you want to tell your friends about a great date, movie, food, place, etc. You don’t want anyone else to know about it unless you state so on your post!

But when is it okay to take our privacy back? How to Delete a WhatsApp Group?Is deleting your whatsapp group really safe? Here are some things to consider before deleting your whatsapp group:

Before deletion, please check:

If there still remains another person from those groups or admin accounts they can download the groups for themselves.

Check the following:

Are there any admin messages, comments, etc. from members outside of these groups? And

Can you delete all other people in these groups? The answer to both questions will tell whether you can or not (and/or cannot) delete them.

Before doing anything though:

Please don’t keep yourself too busy with the activity in these groups. Keep an eye on what everyone is up to and try not to worry about it. If you find yourself getting into unnecessary trouble, then it might be better to remove a few groups as soon as possible.

Try to set your goal for deleting groups before you actually send out that “deletion message” to everybody in these groups. This will help you decide where your focus should be at the end of it.

This might sound a bit odd but there’s very little point in posting a long list of reasons why you should delete a group while you aren’t even sure if you will delete it yourself. Nobody will care about your justification until they see their comment disappear into thin air! So, be pragmatic about deleting your groups! Take this advice and make a good decision when the time comes to deal with these groups. Be realistic about what matters the most: who will read your post! Do what’s best for your mental health! Think about your image going forward. Let everyone know what you’ve done by deleting these groups as soon as you can. If you think about it and it helps you feel less stressed and more relaxed then let go of these groups. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to friends and groups that may no longer serve your purpose anymore.

Have enough time to prepare yourself mentally for deleting those groups. It might feel like a lot but really, it doesn’t matter much if you’re looking to delete a few groups than deleting one huge group that you haven’t even talked about or deleted. All you need are two thumbs and the courage to delete something you love. You never know what you might come across during a delete attempt. Make sure to prepare mentally and physically for deleting any group you plan on deleting. Remember everything! Posting screenshots of your deleted groups on social media will make things easier. Just take this first glance around those groups and remember that it will eventually come down to you. Once you get over the feeling of deactivating all the pages, the second thing you might wonder about is:

Are there any others left which might have similar views? Will that mean that the groups are slowly going away from me or my topics? Am I losing anything? These are all questions you’ll ask yourself when deleting or moving groups on Facebook. Just don’t give up. Go ahead and complete them! Even though you may wonder “why exactly should you delete some groups when I haven’t even deleted them!”

Get rid of old groups. At the beginning, after several hours of downloading them, deleting will seem easy. So if you’re just planning to delete, don’t waste your time. Nowadays, deleting old groups is hard, but you can do it! There might be times when new groups and old groups clash; the older group will always be the bigger group and vice versa. So if you have found a group whose view count surpasses yours, then get rid of the old one as fast as you can! Use your phone’s storage space for all your old files. That’s it!

Some groups tend to lag behind the rest of your favorite groups in terms of followers and likes. Sometimes, they simply look like one big mess! So if you want to gain lots of attention, remove them. Move on to the next group after deleting the first one. It may not be completely impossible that your next favorite group will pop up. There may be a problem with that group, so make sure it has already gone! Or perhaps you have noticed that your favorite group may have been missing an account. Try deleting that group as soon as possible. Again, don’t wait for someone to notify you of a change! I have had many times where when I deleted one page, I saw a similar page appear right after the notification. I always prefer to delete the original, instead of wasting time finding out who did it.

Another good idea about deleting these older groups is to post the same story on Medium under different variations of the name of the deleted group. This could also include photos, videos, etc. All photos of the group’s moderators should be removed in case they’re associated with any sort of drama.

Finally, you can reach out to the administrators of different groups. They cannot allow the group’s admin to contact them as well. So if you want to communicate with admin of the groups you deleted so far, then you can reach them through text (if you use Chrome instead of Edge for macOS), email, Skype, Google Hangouts, IMPS, etc. So please reach out to the admins of such groups, since you can’t reach them even through emails.

Don’t forget to unfollow them. When you’re ready to delete them, unfriend them. No one cares about your fave group anymore. They might be full of people whom you wouldn’t want to be near in real life. If you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance from these groups that you want to unfollow, then do it immediately! You might want to follow up by unfollowing some of those groups too.

Unfollow is good news. Since you unfollowed some of the groups in our top 10, our stats will show us which groups get the most mentions and comments. We will understand how and when you got banned!

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