How to get lnvestors for your mobile app startups?


Mobile apps market

Mobile apps are a lucrative market and every person with an idea for an app is interested in getting a piece. Is an idea enough? Well, NO! You need substantial funds to create a mobile app that is highly customizable and unique. Financial investments are required for market research, product development, marketing activities, and all other stages of app development.

However, getting funding for your app can be difficult. You need investors to fund your business. Before you present your app or business idea to investors, do some research. Investors will invest if your idea is innovative.

It is important to present a minimal MVP that is not only a good idea but also allows investors to test and use the product in real-time. Investors will notice that you care about your product, and will be more inclined to invest in it.

To convince investors, it is important to make a good first impression. Let's now discuss how to win the trust of your investors, and what types of investors you might find.

Different types of investors

There are many ways to get funding in the market. Depending on the app you have, how much money you need, and where you are at the moment, you will need to search for investors in different locations and pitch your ideas in various ways.

Let's now dive into the various types of investors that you might find

Families and friends: It is usually easier to convince family and friends that your app idea merits funding. Your connections are not likely to sponsor a startup at the start. This money can be used to conduct market research and to build a prototype for potential investors. You can do more by considering other options.

Co-founders are: Invite your family and friends to join you as co-founders. If a person believes that your idea is viable, they will likely invest in it. If you trust enough, you can find others outside of your network to co-found your company.

App contests: There is a variety of fundraising contests around the globe. These contests are highly competitive but give entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their ideas to investors and convince them of the need to fund their projects.

Crowdfunding is a method of raising money via the internet. You will need to invest your time, effort, and money in marketing to make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

Venture capitalists and angel investors: If you're looking for serious money to invest in your mobile startup, you should consider venture capitalists and venture capitalists. These entities typically offer large amounts of money.

Venture capitalists, on the other hand, are often companies. Angel investors in app development tend to be individuals. Investors will only be interested in your app if you can make compelling arguments to justify the investment.

How to win the trust of investors in mobile app development

Investors won't be satisfied with a basic app idea. They want to see that you have given the idea thought. Investors want to see that your competitor analysis has been done and that your product is likely to succeed in the marketplace.

Here are some key steps to help you gain investors' trust and raise funds for creative ideas.

1. Validate your idea

It can be difficult to find a great idea. It is important to think of innovative ideas that will make a difference, and help customers solve their problems. Start by focusing on your passion or area of interest. After you have an interesting app idea, it's time to validate it to ensure it is viable. An app idea already in existence is not something investors want to invest in.

Do your research and find out what the competition is in the app market. You must ensure that your app idea does not copy the offerings of other companies. To understand the feasibility of your idea, you can consult an app development agency.

2. Locate the right market

Understanding the market's competitive landscape is crucial. To understand the market and find innovative features, you need to research applications in your area.

3. Define the market size

You can get an idea of the market size by studying the competition. To present potential stakeholders of your mobile app, you must first define the target audience.

4. Choose a reliable app development partner

A reliable partner in app development can make your idea a reality. Look for a company with similar experience and products.

An app development company for mobile apps has a team that includes UI/UX designers, market specialists, and developers who can offer expert suggestions. They always consider your vision.

It also offers industry knowledge and the latest technologies. This allows you to create an app that is fully functional and has the most recent features. Investors will be impressed. If you want to raise app funding for your product, it is a good idea to work with a trusted development partner.

5. Learn the basics of investing

You will need to be convincing and gain the trust of potential investors. This will allow you to understand how much capital to raise and what investment stages are available.

6. Plan your revenue strategy

You should not only understand the basics of investing, but also the strategy to generate revenue. Investors will be more willing to finance your mobile app develiopment. if you present a clear and concise strategy. If you're still pondering how to monetize your app idea, it is important to learn about the different monetization strategies available and to be ready to answer any clarification questions.

7. Make MVP

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the initial version of a product that has a minimal set of features. This is a cost-effective and inexpensive way to help investors understand your app's working flow. Before you reach out to investors, an MVP will help you determine if your app is capable of succeeding.

MVP also gives potential investors a tangible product they can use in real-time. Investors love a business that is already in operation and has owners who have put their time and money into it.

An MVP allows you to tweak until you get the right response. Contact us to learn more about MVP development. Our experts will create an MVP that is attractive to investors in mobile apps.

JobGet recently hired us to help them create an app that simplifies the job-search process for blue-collar workers. Our team of experts assisted JobGet in raising funds for their unique application. This included everything from understanding the client's vision to MVP development and more. JobGet has received $2.1 million in funding and over 1,50,000 job seekers have been matched.

What are the stages in mobile app funding?

We have now seen how to attract investors to an app. Let's talk about the different stages of funding a startup.

Pre-seed: This stage is when your app is still a concept and has not been developed into anything substantial. This stage is called an informal round since most of the funding comes from family and friends or your own money. In this stage funds are used to build a team, demos, or MVPs, conduct research, collect data and gain early traction.

Seed stage: This is the second stage where funding is focused on the initial growth and development of your company. Your mobile app startup is still in its early stages and not fully operational. You are also working to improve the product. You are looking for investors to fund additional research, test the product-market fit, and hire a team. This stage is typically when angel investors, early-stage Venture Capitalists, and startup incubators are most active.

Series A: This stage of investment is the most important. You have established market compatibility between your products and your brand's objective. Now you can focus on your product and business growth. You should concentrate on optimizing your business, your marketability, and the scalability of your mobile app. Venture capital firms, super angel investors, family offices, and other investors are all good options for Series-A investors at this stage.

Series B, C, D, etc.: Getting to series B or beyond indicates that your product is accepted by users. This stage is about improving your product and adding new features to attract more customers. Your brand is well-known and people know about your services. You now need to move your app from a startup to a medium-sized business. In this stage, funds can be used to acquire businesses, go public, partner, upgrade branding levels and engage new markets through constant product development.

We have now seen how to fund an app. Let's find out how much funding is needed for an app startup.

What amount of funding is required for your app startup's success?

There is no set amount for funding an app startup. The number you need will vary depending on the app's complexity, your app idea, and the team. A simple MVP can run anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 with very basic features. An app that is cross-platform and has APIs can run anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000.

We have already talked about the options for raising money for your startup. Before you reach out to investors for your app, make sure to consult your full-cycle app development company to determine the cost of your app's development, functionality, and primary purpose. You run the risk of making a financial mistake that could cost you your dream.

You won't even be able to start the app development process if you get less funding. You could lose your share of your company or your owner's equity if you get more funding than you need.

What should you do after your app is funded?

What's the next step after you have received funds from investors? Your work does not stop there. Your app requires constant improvement and maintenance. After your app launches, you should continue to improve it and get feedback from app investors and users. Your business will be granted funding as you progress through the stages of startup funding. This money can be used to improve the design and expand the app's functionality.

Your app will need to change with new technology and OS updates. You should hire a skilled startup app development company to ensure that your app runs smoothly for many years.


Many mobile app startups fail because they lack funding. Finding investors can be difficult. However, the right strategies and the right approach will get you the right investors. It is important to demonstrate your idea and to be ready to pitch your app idea to market leaders and shakers. They only invest in the best ideas. Mobile App development isn't a one-time task. It's a continuous process. To keep your users engaged, you need to update your app every once in a while with new features and updates.


Do you need help creating a bug-free MVP to help investors invest in your app? Look no further. Artoon is a trusted partner in mobile app development and has helped many global brands achieve their digital transformation goals. Artoon Solutions has helped numerous startups gain significant funding through MVP development. Contact us to ensure that your app is viable.

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