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Bhagwati resort Maunt abu


1. Bhagwati resort Maunt abu

Bhagwati is a hill station in the western part of Jaisalmer, and is located in the north-western part of Rajasthan. It has a population of around 500,000 people. The town is famous for its scenic views of nature. Being situated in a hilly region along with other natural sites like forests and valleys and hills, it is among the most beautiful places to visit in this area. This town has many tourist attractions like Jantar Ganga National Park, which is known as “The Garden of Lord Vishnu” or Shree Swatabhoomi Temple. It is also called Mookothi Dham. Another prominent tourist attraction is Samudra Lake, which is found on the river Yamuna River. This lake gives visitors an opportunity to explore the world around on their boat. Apart from such, there are several other historic monuments that can be explored at Bhagwati. It is a perfect place to stay during wintertime with your family, family members and friends from different parts of the country who can visit here for some interesting activities like Bollywood movie shooting. There are also popular hotels nearby, which will serve tourists well. You can easily reach out to these hotels through GPS services. A lot of things are available in this city. Bhagwati resort best resort in maunt abu have multiple cuisines and dining options, with local delicacies. Tourists can make reservations at any time during the season. Most of them prefer booking more than once to make their hotel reservations. However, there are regular discounts and offers available. One of the things I liked about my stay at this place was the friendly reception staff. Our luggage was taken care of and sent for us. On our way, we were shown the various tourist spots. We had to go through a few lanes to get to our rooms as they were crowded. All of us were given masks. Every person of all age and nationality had been wearing fresh oxygen gas and were provided with hand sanitisers that will prove to be very helpful as these kind of people often feel sick and are not able to handle even small infection. Those who are coming here for business or education should consider a house as a base as you might find it difficult to manage the items when people are travelling and you need to keep track of everything. The main thing we liked the most was the fact that I can relax and enjoy my stay in this hotel which is only 25 minutes drive from the railway station.

2. Hotel Naya Chawla, Manderpur

Hotel Naya Chawla is one of the most renowned resorts in Maunt. Located in the heart of the town, this motel is quite famous because of its romantic ambience. But then again, it is not just romantic ambience, but the comfort that keeps people coming back. If you are looking for luxurious accommodation, then Hotel Naya Chawla is ideal for you. The rooms that we stayed in were spacious and comfortable in every bit. So, you can enjoy having enough space for yourself and your guests. Also, it was nice to have facilities like room service, internet, Wi-Fi, TV cable TV.

3. Hotel Royal, Baner, Maunt

Hotel Royal is one of the most amazing hotels in Maunt and provides luxury vacation to those who want to enjoy luxury life while staying in this town. At present, this hotel has received numerous praises for organizing such beautiful stays in Maunt. For instance, the spa offered at this hotel is quite different. It has hot tubs and the swimming pool inside it. As soon as you have arrived in this hotel, you will be amazed by the beauty of the surroundings and the environment. So, if you are looking for a pleasant experience, then Hotel Royal is the venue you are looking for. Apart from being a palace, Maunt falls under one of the top 10 tourist places of India and tourism is one of the prime reasons to spend a good night. Some of the great things we did at Hotel Royal were the outdoor games, indoor games, and walking tours.

4. Hotel La Chawan, Baner, Maunt

There might be no better hotel in Maunt than Hotel La Chawan. And it is a huge welcome to those families who come here to celebrate their birthdays, holidays, and any other special occasions. With its rich history and traditional architectural design, this hotel offers the right facility to everyone. So, those who wish for a peaceful atmosphere and the right amount of privacy are the ones to attend this place. Just like us, many others come here to enjoy themselves during their vacations while still enjoying the peace of mind that comes along with traveling to Europe. During our stay here, we never felt so much at ease and were happy to visit this place after two and half days.

5. Hotel Roshan, Baner, Maunt

Hotel Roshan offers many wonderful holiday packages to travellers who love travelling Maunt. These packages come in four different plans. These plans include basic plan, deluxe plan, extra room etc. The basic package offers three double bedrooms and the deluxe offers five double bedroom in total. What makes Hotel Roshan exceptional is the location as this hotel is situated next to the river Yamuna. Since the hotel is quite close to the river, it offers plenty room for children for their play parties. Moreover, since Mauntfalls in an old fortification and the surrounding areas provide a unique view to enjoy the serenity, Hotel Roshan is a must for every traveller.

6. Pahargaon, Banswara Hills

Located within the range of hills, the Pahargaon is the best place to enjoy the breathtaking views of nature. Along with such lovely views, the hotel’s rooms, restaurant, and bar areas are breathtakingly amazing. Not only the hotel’s stunning view but the interior design is what I like the most about this hotel. Everything looks fantastic and elegant. The food served is incredible. My personal favourite was the chicken nahi dal (a delicious rice cake) which was extremely tempting. Apart from the food, the staff is polite and helpful. They are always ready to help anyone if you need anything. So, you can expect to enjoy the hospitality of a royal hotel while staying in Maunt.

7. Hotel Chandu, Baner, Maunt

Hotel Chandu is another grand hotel in Maunt. Located near the Alwar Fort, this hotel has a large scale of modern designs, and each individual room is made up of fine details. In this hotel, you can enjoy getting quality services from professional servers as well as a relaxing atmosphere. In addition to providing excellent services at affordable prices, the hotel offers several options for sports and leisure activities such as yoga classes, tennis court games, horse riding etc. This hotel is very comfortable to stay in and also offers good facilities to do shopping and shopping and also other things like grocery. And the price is affordable as compared to the competitors in the town.

8. Hotel Anandra, Baner

Hotel Anandra is a historical place where Maharaja Sushila I built his palace to protect himself from the invasion of invaders. To make the palace look luxurious, he installed marble work and other decorative arts on the walls. Nowadays, the hotel is serving millions of people each year. Apart from this, you will be surprised to see the beauty of the surroundings in this place as mentioned earlier. Each room is decorated according to the Indian tradition. In order to satisfy the clients’ needs, the hotel has a cafe under the roof. People can enjoy eating there with coffee and tea.

9. Hotel Lalbhat, Baner, Maunt

Hotel Lalbhat is the name that will remind many travellers about Maunt. Though the hotel is located next to Maunt, yet it offers a good view of Maunt and other places in Rajasthan like Ajmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur. So, the hotel is highly regarded and famous for all Maunt city lovers especially during Christmas-New Year period. Though the hotel is only 15 kilometres from Maunt, but the overall experience of staying in Lalbhat is worth travelling to this place. When I came here, I saw many beautiful views of hills with clear water flowing behind the hotel. In spite of being surrounded by lush green hills, its structure is marvelous.

10. Hotel Mahabat Nagri, Baner

Hotel Mahabat Nagri is one of the largest hotels in Rajasthan. Built by Nawab Malik Bahadur Shah Babu, Hotel Mahabat Nagri is located next to Baner in Majha Sector of Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Though the hotel is situated close to the famous Agra Fort, but the overall experience of visiting here is worth going there.

These are some of the finest resorts that you should visit in Maunt. In case you are looking for budget hotels, then you are not lacking anything. Don’t forget to check out some budget hotels in Baner if you want to take a trip to Maunt.

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