5 Tips for Style That's Super Cool To Wear Kaftan


Tips for Style That's Super Cool To Wear Kaftan

Popularized originally by the Ottomans of Turkey the kaftans have taken onto the latest trends in fashion. They were hugely popular in Hollywood during the 1970s and have now returned! Bollywood has gone into a frenzy of Kaftans. Everywhere you turn on the internet, you will see bloggers sporting a kaftan outfit. With careful care, we are in agreement that we love the kaftan dress!

Kaftan The word that refers to a lavish style of clothing that is recognized all over the world and is typically associated with royalty since the days of the Ottoman Empire. In the past, Ottoman style kaftans were made of extravagant fabrics and elaborate ornaments that highlighted individuality and distinct design. Similar versions are also available. Tunic style clothing was found throughout the Middle East, parts of Africa and Russia too. It was evident that this was an indication of how comfy and fashionable this dress was and has been able to stand the tests of time.


It's no secret that kaftans are fashionable and never seem to be out of style. That's why it's quite normal to see our most beloved stars to love summer kaftan outfits the same way we do! They've worn it to every occasion imaginable: cocktails or at the beach, even celebrations.

Kaftans have become a comfy outfit for celebs to stand out in their attire.



The stunning loosely-fitting, flowing and free-flowing Kaftans are gaining popularity this season. While many may think that they are appropriate for beach wear, you can wear it for any event with this stunning style by dressing it properly.

There are a myriad of styles, colors in various lengths, and versatile fabric, a kaftan is able to be used as a multi-purpose piece and, therefore, is an essential item to have during summer. However, to appear an elegant fashionista with this trendy style, you have to know the fundamentals of how to style it. So , ladies, here we provide you with the best ways to dress in a kaftan

1. The correct fabric

Kaftans are typically made of a flowy fabric, however you must pay attention to this feature taking into consideration the event for which you intend for wear it. For instance, if you would like to wear it to an outdoor picnic or other casual occasion in the heat it is best to select an organic fabric such as silk or cotton. Organic fabrics can wick sweat and help keep you cool during a scorching day. In contrast, for a night out it is possible to choose fabrics like georgette, satin silk, rayon and so on.

2. Lengths to suit different occasions

Kaftans are available in shorter and longer versions. If you're planning to dress up for a day at the workplace, we recommend you choose an oversized kaftan with a printed medium length, and wear it with leggings for a complete appearance. If you are planning a casual event you can dress in the kaftan's short length and slim-fit shorts or jeans.

And, if you'd like to wear a kaftan to any wedding event of a family member, go for a longer one. If, for instance, you are planning to wear it to the occasion of a cocktail party, opt for a floor-length kaftan instead of a dress.

3. Take it in a bag and store it properly

Since a kaftan appears large due to its loose fit, smaller purses or bags go well. Therefore, you should pick up an elegant clutch or purse when wearing an aftan. You should pick the one that complements the shade of the kaftan you're wearing. If you're planning casual occasions you can appear trendy with a kaftan by pairing it with a compact bag. For an evening event, match your shiny and long kaftan with a chic and small clutch. The point is not to be overly concerned about the dimensions of your accessories while you're already wearing an outfit that is large.

4. The perfect pair of shoes

If you're wearing the printed kaftan it is ideal to complement your outfit with a pair or nude heels. Even wedges can be a good match for this gorgeous and classy look. If you are wearing this elegant outfit for the evening, you can opt for a pair of heels, either gold or silver according to the color of bling on your Kaftan.Recently, Sonakshi Sinha posted a picture on her Instagram account wearing the form of a monochrome Kaftan. It was paired by wearing a white basic tank, and wore out white sneakers.

5. Make sure you choose the right jewelry

For a stylish appearance when wearing a kaftan, you should add beautiful items of jewelry. Although a kaftan with embellishments is quite full of bling, you have to be extra careful when selecting the appropriate jewelry for yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to get rid of necklaces and go for large earrings in place. If you're wearing an unadorned or plain kaftan, you can wear a chic necklace with no hesitation. Also, you can use a few delicate necklaces or bangles to complete your look.So ladies, you just need to adhere to these amazing style tips and set out to rock this summer in chic and trendy Kaftans!



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