Two Year Old Allegedly Succumbs To Food Poisoning

Two Year Old Allegedly Succumbs To Food Poisoning

KAMPALA : Police in Kiira district is researching conditions encompassing the passing on of a two-year-old Gabriel Lumayo, after supposedly eating food with the others of his family who are currently hospitalized in critical conditions.

The departed has been taken to Jinja Regional Referral funeral home, anticipating posthumous.

It is accounted for that Hellen Mbuya, a mother of three kids arranged a feast of matooke and beans from outside her leased room, prior to serving it to her relatives.

The kids anyway experienced stomach throbs and began spewing perpetually, prompting their neighbors to alarm officials from Nalufenya police headquarters, who hurried them to Whispers emergency clinic.

Lumayo was affirmed doomed, while Mbuya and her two different kids David Rakawa matured six years and nine-year-old Maureen Akiko, are as yet battling for their lives at Whispers clinic.

A health laborer who addressed us on state of secrecy says that the three casualties experienced serious digestive harm, however they are emphatically receiving prescription and their group of experts is doing all that could be within reach to save their lives.

In the interim, the Kiira territorial police representative James Mubi says it is thought that the food was harmed by an obscure individual when Mbuya was inside the house.

Mubi stresses that a group of police pathologists has since extracted samples from the food, to work with complete assessments from the government analytical lab, and stimulate the most common way of finding out the harmful substances infused in the food.

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