Business Man Kills Wife and Later Kills Self

Said Oswayo and wife

A 26-Year-old woman, Swalha Salum, who is likewise a well known makeup artiste was purportedly shot multiple times in the head by her better half, Said Oswayo who is a successful 32-year-old business man.

This was after the woman would not pick up his calls when she went out to watch a football match.

The two got hitched on 31st December 2021 in a rich function, yet only five months after the fact, their marriage finished sadly.

On May 28, 2022, Swalha Salum is said to have ventured out from home to watch a football match-up in Tanzania.

While she was out, her significant other called her to find out where she was and when she was returning home however she would not get his calls.

As per unsubstantiated reports, he messaged her however she likewise didn't answer to his instant messages and that made the man annoyed, not on the grounds that he was generally worried about her security yet felt she was going behind his back with one more man as at the time she was away.

At the point when Swalha Salum returned home after the football match, she met her better half feeling exceptionally terrible.

It is indistinct in the event that they had issues the earlier day however they started a squabble after the spouse examined her concerning where she was coming from and why she wouldn't get his calls.

Albeit the woman cleared up for him where she was and why she was unable to pick his calls, the business man didn't trust her.

As per their home assistant and a more youthful sister of the woman, the couple took their warmed contention which endured upto an hour then to their room and it was there that they heard the 7 discharges.

After the man killed his significant other, he took his vehicle key and went out after which the body of the departed was found by her more youthful sister and house help.

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