Man Jailed 15 Years For Cutting Off Girl’s Hand In Botched Rape Attempt

Man Jailed 15 Years For Cutting Off Girl’s Hand In Botched Rape Attempt

UGANDA , DM :  Chief Magistrate's Court in Bubulo, Manafwa District in eastern Uganda has condemned a 27-year-elderly person to 15 years in jail after he was viewed as guilty for endeavoring to kill a 14-year-old understudy whose hand he cut off after a bungled assault endeavor.

Derrick Kuloba was additionally requested to give Shs50 million to his casualty to cater for her hospital expenses following the 2020 assault.

Arraignment had during investigation of the case let court know that Kuloba, an occupant of Nabooti Village, Nakatsi Sub-County in Bududa District, on July 4, 2020 outfitted with a cleaver, waylaid the person in question and went after her prior to slashing off her right hand in a fight after she dismissed his lewd gestures.

The young lady who was then in senior two likewise gained a few wounds on other different pieces of the body.

Indictment introduced three observers; the person in question, her cousin and uncle who stuck Kuloba.

The preliminary officer, Ms Ester Nalungi while conveying her judgment on Tuesday said the sentence was intended to rebuff Kuloba and deter other would-be wrongdoers from committing such offenses.

"I sentence you to 15 years. The discipline is to assist the convict with improving so when he is free he can be a decent individual in the community,"Ms Nalungi said.

Ms Nalungi said the four months that the convict spent on remand would be deducted from the 15 years she had given him.

"Kuloba will burn through 14 years and eight months in jail subsequent to deducting four months he spent on remand. However, in the event that you're not happy with the court choice, you can offer against it in a higher court," she said.

The state examiner, Mr Godfrey Wakasadha,had told legal disputes of Gender Based Violence (GBV) are widespread in the nation and accordingly court expected to safeguard ladies from any semblance of Kuloba who appear to be not to esteem human existence.

"He (convict) expected to cause the long-lasting wounds. The sentence and pay will probably hinder others from going after ladies and young ladies," he said.

After the court judgment, Kuloba's legal advisor, Mr Geofrey Nappa said they will bid against the sentence on grounds that it was "superfluously unforgiving."

"The sentence is unforgiving, particularly with the remuneration of Shs50 million. We will find the following way to get justice,"Mr Nappa said.

Ms Mariam Mwiza, a human rights lobbyist who assisted the casualty with seeking after equity said she actually endures injury because of the difficult experience Kuloba took her through.

"We are content with the conviction and sentence. It has been difficult to get equity for this situation. We vow to continue to push for equity for different ladies and girls,"Ms Mwiza uncovered.

Mr Khaiza, the casualty's mother said that they have offered all to treat her however to no end. She was alluded to India for medical procedures yet they don't have money.

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