Importance of A Sophisticated Violence Detection System

Importance of A Sophisticated Violence Detection System

The contemporary world has an increased threat of violence, terrorist attacks, thefts, quarrels, etc. Therefore, giving priority to ensuring safety and security to common people or employees is crucial for government authorities and business owners. To detect and control the threats, numerous devices, tools, and equipment are available. However, there is a need for a sophisticated tool that can help you successfully face the threats without any serious casualties. 

A violence detection system is an AI and deep-learning based system. Attached with security cameras, it can help you have a close look at the behaviours of people or employees in or around your premises. In the case of any suspicious act, the system sends alerts to you and enables you to take the requisite action. Here, have a brief idea about this system. 

Main concepts of advanced security surveillance systems

Today’s smart security screening systems use data analysis, computer vision, and decision making challenges. Such a system focuses on the extraction of the recorded footage, analysis of the received data, and useful information procession. Key components of smart surveillance system that has an integrated violence detection system are as follows:


  • Face and object detection - Main focus on stolen/abandoned objects. Identification, and face recognition

  • Vehicle identification - Includes traffic flow monitoring, number plate recognition, etc. 

  • Action detection - Primary focus on violence detection and theft/motion detection 

  • Video processing - it focuses on extracting the information from the stored images or videos  

Technologies and tools used in smart security surveillance

Solutions like violence detection, face recognition, and video analytics use the following technologies for their proper function:

  • Artificial intelligence 

  • Deep learning 

  • Computer vision 

  • Image/video processing  

Areas of applications 

Advanced security surveillance systems can easily replace conventional systems. These systems find applications at:

  • Premises of big corporate houses 

  • Retail shops

  • Shopping malls 

  • Law enforcement 

  • Crawd and behaviour management 

  • Airports

  • Educational institutes 

  • Important public places 

  • Railway stations 

  • Entertainment venues 

Benefits of violence detection technology/system

It is easy to integrate with your existing security & surveillance systems. The violence detection system is highly beneficial. Some benefits are as follows:

  • Significant reduction in the processing of security cameras 

  • Enhanced decision making capability 

  • Reduction in violence threats 

  • Helpful in retrieving the useful data for security reasons 

  • Facilitation in crime prevention and law enforcement 


A violence detection system is useful when you integrate it with your existing securing screening systems. Based on deep learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, it facilitates in preventing violence & crimes and enforcing law and order.  


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