How to Choose Oxford Shoes: Explore the 5 Types of Oxfords

How to Choose Oxford Shoes: Explore the 5 Types of Oxfords

Oxford shoes are stylish, elegant dress shoes that come in various styles to fit any occasion. Oxfords can dress up or down many outfits and are a must-have in every closet, especially if you have a capsule wardrobe. Barker shoes have the best oxford shoes that make you feel comfortable and classy. Shoes usually come in either open or closed lacing styles. In the first, the eyelets on the quarter are actually sewn over the vamp. Eyelets with closed laces are sewn beneath. We learned the basics. Now it's time to get down to business. Oxfords for men come in several different styles, each with unique features.

How to Choose Oxford Shoes: Explore the 5 Types of Oxfords

It is said that students at Oxford University made the oxonian shoe, a half-boot with slits on the sides, popular in the late 1800s. In the first case, the shoe was made with narrow cuts on the sides so it could be worn on campus. Over time, the side slits were replaced by laces that went around the shoe. The shoe was made even more comfortable by putting the side laces on the instep and flatting the heel.

Even though they started on a college campus, they are now seen as too formal for a campus.

Classic/Plain-Toed Oxford Shoes

This makes them more formal than other types of men's formal oxford shoes because they are simple, clean, and stylish. These shoes have a plain toe or no toe cap and don't have any details like eyelets, perforations, etc., on the body. They are great for formal settings because they are usually made of leather.


Saddle Oxfords are a style that was popular in the United States in the past but is now rarely seen anywhere else. They have an extra strip of leather that goes around the middle and down the side of the shoe to the sole.

Cap-Toed Oxford Shoes

These oxford shoes, one of the most popular styles, have an extra piece of leather stitched over the toe. They are made of leather and suede and come in different colours like brown, tan, burgundy, etc. But black is thought to be the most stylish of the colours.


Whole-cut Oxfords are made from a single piece of leather, as the name suggests. This gives them a sleek look. As a general rule, the more minor detail a shoe has, the more formal it is. A whole-cut shoe, however, is an exception. It's an excellent all-arounder for people who don't want to buy many dress brogue boots shoes.

Wingtip Oxford Shoes

Even though most people call them "brogue" shoes because of the decorative details, they are actually "oxford" shoes. The toe cap of these stylish shoes is shaped like an "M" or "W." These wingtip oxford shoes are less formal than their counterparts because they are made of leather, suede, and nubuck instead of just leather. It's a great choice for weddings and cocktail parties where the clothes aren't too formal.

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