Cat6 Plenum; An Ultimate Solution to All Cable Issues


Cat6 Plenum; An Ultimate Solution to All Cable Issues

Poor Wires Cause Fires - Cat6 Plenum; An Ultimate Solution to All Cable Issues

If it is for commercial or for domestic use, no one would want to have disastrous Ethernet cables with low durability. Purchasing a Plenum Rated Cable is another painstaking process for those who have sound knowledge on the categories, identification and working history of the cables. But as we know, there is no problem out there without a solution.

Let’s look at comparative analysis of cat5e and cat6 plenum cables, and reach a conclusive statement of Cat6, a Plenum Rated Cable, or not?

Cat5e - A Marvel Invention:

This cable became the need of the hour and “necessity is the mother of invention”, thus, it came to exist after the 5th generation of Ethernet cable. More than 350 MHZ bandwidth and the 100 MBPS transfer speed without any difficulty, also helped it stand out. The 24 American Wire Gauge is just another prominent specification of this cable. As it was introduced to replace the previous one and serve a better purpose, therefore, in no time this cable began to claim its fame at both domestic and commercial level for smooth networking.

The most outstanding benefits of this Ethernet cable include the fair prices, these cables provide improved speed and are super easy to install for networking. You do not need to have a perfect and experienced hand to install this cable, the user-friendly terminals of this cable will just fall in place when you will plug-in.

Cat6 - The Best Fit for Networking:

These fall into the enhanced category of Ethernet cables, the category 6. It is crystal clear from the above description of Cat5e that it was the savior that people in the networking field needed the most. The fastest and the best version ever to exist. But then, no best is the last or extreme of any version. There is always room for improvement and for adding more specifications in an already existing version. This consideration was the foundation of the invention of category 6 cables. From excellent speed to affordable prices, better compatibility is one of the specifications that make these cables stand out as well.

Both versions are the best but if you still want to pick one, then a suggestive statement would be good for Cat6. The specifications give an impression that these are Plenum Rated Cables.

To shed some more light on is Cat6 Plenum Rated Cable? Let’s take you to an even deeper insight about Cat6.

Cat6 Connection with Telephone:

The Ethernet cable users are always indulged in the inquiries about using cat6 solid copper cables for telephones. Their intensity for repetitions of this inquiry is completely understandable and the best matching response to their inquiry is very plain. But before every depth, there is a hike. Firstly, those users need to realize the proper facilitating capacity of Cat6 cables. These cables are very much reliable, and it is one of the prime specifications of an Ethernet cable. With the previous statement, users would have a clear mind about Cat6 cables. They would know that a reliable Ethernet cable is a versatile cable. It makes Cat6 the exact match for all sorts of applications.

We shall conclude a better understanding by digging out more answers on the Cat6 and Telephone connectivity topic.

Using Cat6 with Telephone:

Yes, it is very good to go for a telephone connection. The only requirement is a relevant Ethernet jack. Keeping the specifications of Cat6 cable in view, we can recommend that it will be a perfect match for any sort of Ethernet connectivity.

The Uses:

It was designed to put up with super-fast speed and its reliability is making Cat6 unmatched in its importance. The Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP) are more than effective to deliver the best results. Some of the details on its uses are:

1: Usage For 1GBPs Requirement:

The gigabit ethernet applications, requiring 1GBPs of Internet, need Cat6 cables the most. For higher speed and higher numbers, the cables of excellent quality are required. Here, Cat6 would play a commendable role. These cables efficiently support the high numbered data, therefore, the most in-demand cables for 1GBPs applications. The structure and material used in its making is durable and doubles the efficient serving capacity of Cat6.

2: Cat6 Playing Role In POE (Power over Ethernet) Applications:

There are network switches that depend upon Ethernet cables for power supply and gain. Therefore, such switches or accessories are called Power over Ethernet, POE devices. For such a scenario where a cable is responsible for supplying power to accessories, no ordinary cable would work. The speed and durability of the cable in use should be high in ranking. Thus, we can rely upon Cat6 cables in this regard.

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