All You Should Know About The Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure


All You Should Know About The Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

If you look at your eyebrows, you may discover full hair, thinning hair, or no hair at all. Not blessed with full haired eyebrows? The reason could be genetic. Other reasons may be injuries, health conditions, and medical procedures like chemotherapy. The typical treatment for hair loss on the eyebrow is makeup. But we do recommend an FUE hair transplant procedure as a long-lasting treatment for eyebrow hair loss. Why? The procedure has been tested, dermatologicallyproven and is functional.

Defining FUE eyebrow hair transplant

This is a top-notch procedure for restoring eyebrow hair loss caused by genetics, injury, chemotherapy, and others. 50 to 400 hair grafts are transplanted in an FUE eyebrow hair transplant. The hair to be regrown is obtained from the back of the neck or at the back of the ear. The reason is that the hair in these areas has a shape and structure that looks like natural hair for eyebrows. At the end of the day, the resulting eyebrow is thicker. If that's the kind of outcome you desire, you should consider getting this treatment. 

How does an FUE eyebrow hair transplant work?

First, the hair transplant clinic will evaluate the donor area (a site where the transplanted hair will be extracted) to ensure it has robust hairs that can be transplanted. The surgeon will begin the surgery by administering a regional anaesthetic to the donor area. With this, the whole procedure will go on without any pain on the part of the patient. Next is the surgery. The surgeon will extract hair follicles using a very thin puncture needle and have them transplanted by piercing the eyebrow skin.

FUE eyebrow hair transplant is typically completed between 2 to 3 hours. The determining factors of surgery duration are the hair condition and how many grafts are to be reimplanted. As a delicate cosmetic treatment, the surgeon needs to be highly skilled, accurate and precise when transplanting the hairs. This is because the hair has to be positioned at the correct angle. The eyebrow is shaped according to facial features.

When will you begin to see the outcome of this procedure?

Right after the surgery, you will start seeing the initial outcome. Fast forward to 6 months later, you have more fuller eyebrow hairs, and after a year, you will be sporting a great mass of hair on your eyebrow. At this point, you can visit the saloon for facial makeup but this time not to masquerade but style your naturally regrown eyebrows.

What benefits do FUE eyebrow hair transplant offer?

  • Zero pain: Regional anaesthetic is applied during this treatment to keep back every pain. So you can be comfortable when undergoing this procedure.

  • Results last for life: Unlike makeup and other masquerade used for eyebrow hair loss which is not permanent result-wise, FUE eyebrow hair transplant presents long-lasting results. This is because the hair follicles are transplanted together with stem cells. Consequently, this brings about an efficient, long-term transplant outcome.

  • Improved aesthetics: After the operation, the hair on the eyebrow now becomes fuller, thicker and natural. And what's more, is that shaping such kind of eyebrow sculpts a beautiful face.

  • Zero scars: Since no stitches or scalpels are used, both the donor site and eyebrow are treated without leaving any significant scars behind.

  • Recovery is rapid: Patients typically start feeling better after the procedure in a couple of days. Recovery from an FUE eyebrow transplant can present mild redness on the eyebrows and slight pain where the hair was extracted.

With our FUE eyebrow transplant Istanbul, you can be sure of a better-looking eyebrow and a prettier face. Do you like your eyebrows to look uniform and defined? Then you need to schedule a consultation with Turkey Hair Transplants for an eyebrow hair transplant using the FUE technique.

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