Are you suffering from ADHD?


Do not feel disheartened. You are not alone suffering from it.

I know suffering from ADHD seems like a ride on a roller coaster since it makes life emotionally disabled. Remember that it does not only attack children but adults also. It can occur at any stage of human life.

I know you must consider ADHD as a learning disorder because I used to mistake it. My point of view was changed when I was studying the subject of inclusive learning in B.Ed. Hons. Truly, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is the synonym for inattention. It has only to do with behavior: behavior towards learning, family members and friends, etc.

Being on an ADHD roller coaster makes a person feel rejected in society. Everyone believes he is behaving oddly intentionally, but it is not so. If ADHD behavior is not managed, it can create a severe problem ahead. Indeed, rejection in society is not accepted easily. It is really hard for ADHD children and adults to control situations. They must feel like asking for help and support from others.

Tips for parents to help ADHD children

Being a parent of a child with ADHD can be challenging at times. It's important to remember that most children with ADHD may flourish with the right support.

Certainly, it is very stressful to manage the behavior of ADHD children. It is the duty of their parents to control them.

Following are the ways to foster the behavior of ADHD

1.Set routine

Parents should plan whole day activities for their children. They should involve children in this planning. Make them aware of what they need to do at what time. In this way, they have a clear idea about anything like making assignments, getting ready for school, sleeping etc. timer/ reminder is also to be set. Adderall Prescription Online for ADHD Solution

2.Proper diet 

Parents are supposed to keep an eye on children’s diet plans in order to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Junk foods are very dangerous for them. It is better to stay away from them.

3.Proper sleep

ADHD children properly show attention when they get enough sleep. Insufficient sleeping can be controlled by following the steps

  • Avoid engaging them in TV excessively especially late at night

  • Cut off caffeine from the diet

  • Sing them a song or poem when they try to sleep.


This type of child needs to be motivated. Reward them if they show good behavior.

Help at the education institute

In the education institute, it is solely the duty of the teacher to manage everything. Surely, ADHD children need special support. They should separately deal or control. Adderall for Sale to manage your ADHD Solution

Help For Adult

1.Do listing

If you forget to do anything, it is a better to-do list for them. In order to stay focused, keep reminders for tasks. 


ADHD adults experience stress and anxiety. In order to decrease stress, they need to exercise regularly.

3.Share the feeling

Sometimes, it is impossible to adjust to the workplace. It is advised to share what you feel and think.

4.Avoid multitasking

Engage yourself in one task. Make sure you give your 100 % productivity. Multi-tasking will make you inattentive.


To sum up, people with ADHD require proper support. Everyone's mind and ADHD symptoms are unique. They all have unique skills and abilities.  You will be amazed to see their work skillfully if they manage properly.even, People with ADHD see themselves as being more energetic, creative, daring, and resilient than those who do not have the disorder. Ensure that your child has a thorough analysis. When you know your child's strengths and weaknesses, you can treat ADHD more effectively. A careful assessment can help you identify individual strengths and shortcomings as well as therapy choices. Please inquire about professionals who do complete evaluations with your health care provider. A doctor, psychologist, neurologist, or psychiatrist is usually the one to diagnose ADHD. Assessments should include the following:

  • Previous medical history

  • Growth and development throughout history

  • Review of school strengths and shortcomings Review of the social and emotional functioning of the child

  • Medical, developmental, and psychiatric difficulties in the family

  • Both parents and teachers have provided information (including behavior rating scales)

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