What colours should a man wear to a wedding?

Weddings are all about enjoying yourself and having fun. The champagne should be expensive and everyone should be happily dancing around. 

With so many good things going on, what can be stressful is deciding what to wear. If you look around everyone stays busy talking about what women should wear or how they should look. But guess it's now time to change the topic. 

You would not want to look like every other guy at the wedding and also don't want to draw the attention away from the groom. So it becomes important that you balance the delicate art of choosing the right wedding dresses for men.  

Which colour should I be wearing to a wedding?

Which colour should I be wearing to a wedding? 

It's a no-brainer that the wedding season is approaching and you are waiting to buy men's wedding outfits online. Usually, it is easier to determine what you would be wearing to a wedding as most men either choose formal outfits or Indian attires from stores like Indianweddingsaree.com. 

However, it could be devastating to choose the right colour when buying a men's wedding outfit online. Although to let you know, there is no specification of which colour you may choose to wear at a wedding. 

When attending a wedding that has a theme set, make sure to follow it.  But weddings with no themes come with no limitations. You can simply wear any colour of your choice including taupe tan, light grey, cerulean, sage greens and more.

Which colour should I be wearing to a wedding?

What colours or clothes should I avoid wearing to a wedding? 

Regardless of a theme/dress code set or not, there are a few clothes and colour types that you should not wear to a wedding. So let's discover them to avoid feeling differently or weird. 

  • White colour clothes: everyone knows that women are subjected not to wear white clothes to a wedding. 

The rules go the same for the men so make sure to avoid wearing white clothes.

  • Avoid floral print jackets - it is important to remind yourself that a wedding may involve a dance performance but it is not a dance school or a dance show. 

So make sure to avoid Floral boutonnieres as much as possible just like the white jackets.  

  • Shorts: No one at the wedding wants to see your calves or how uncomfortable the hot weather is making you feel. 

Make sure to put aside all the shorts you have when attending a wedding and shift all your focus to full-length pants. 

  • Jeans - People wear Jeans as a casual outfit. So it does not matter if the wedding has a specific dress code set or not, make sure to avoid wearing Jeans at all costs. 

  • Flashy printed or wrinkle clothes - when attending a wedding make sure that you avoid wearing flashy printed clothes to not become the talk of the day. 

Also, avoid wearing wrinkled clothes as they can leave a bad impression on the guests.

  • Wear a t-shirt - A t-shirt is usually not your best pick for a wedding unless the couple has particularly said so. However, If you still want to wear short sleeves, then go for a polo or a poplin shirt.


It does not matter what you are deciding to wear or which colour you think would set you apart. Make sure that you are not intentionally intending to upstage the groom or his attendants with your outfit. Try to keep your look as clean and classic as possible without disrupting the balance that you are trying to be the man of the hour.

Pick the right colour and attire today!! 

It does not matter if you are attending a modern wedding or the one with thousands of rituals and traditions - shops like Indianweddingsaree.com have all you need. 

From clothes ranging in different styles and each style has multiple colours, you can choose any to set a mark. 

All the clothes manufactured and sold by this company are uniquely made by top designers who have taken care of everyone's taste. The best part is you can get all types of wedding dresses for men at a competitive rate.

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