Want To Be her Dream Guy, Here are Things Women Want


Most guys say that is hard to understand the needs of a woman because they are always dynamic. But in real sense ladies do not want much. you just have to ensure that you add these options to your list

1. Men who are protective

Want To Be her Dream Guy, Here are Things Women Want

This does not mean that you have to be in the gym growing your muscles or becoming a boxing champion, but ladies want someone who will not let others insult them when you are there. You have to always fight for them but in a good way for example when someone attacks her on social media be there to back her up. And to you, my guy, fake it if you don' t know how to protect a lady.

2. Men who support them emotionally


Ladies are so emotional whereby most of them cry when watching a heart- touching film. They also go through so much pain, stress. They always need someone who understands their pain, someone who will give them his shoulder to lean on and cry, someone who will tell them that it is okay when it is not. But this does not mean that you have to be more emotional than her because it will appear as if you are the one in need of support. You have to listen to what they have to say.

3. Always providing to them


From the early days of creation, men were created to be the providers of their families and this should continue regardless of whether the woman has or not. But you have to remain the MAN even when she has a job, always take the big share of the budget. Though most men hate being the sole provider.

4. Women love Leaders more


Ladies want someone who guides and directs the relationship, challenges them into doing certain things whether the relationship is old or still young. Men are natural- born leaders who are supposed to be leading by example through actions and taking bold decisions not just giving annoying orders all the time. Develop some leadership skills.

4. You must have Integrity

Ladies value integrity before and after the moment she sets her eyes on you. They prefer men who always speak the truth and do not change their words later. Be a man of your word. When she sees that you have integrity, she will always promote you to her friends and connections. And you never know, that is where your next breakthrough might come from. But guys, do not sacrifice your integrity for any bodies this will bring love and respect.

5. You have to be a bold Guy

Do not be shy as this is a huge turn- off for ladies. A woman wants someone who tells them that she is the most important person to him and that also she is your one and only woman you are dating, acknowledge her, and also when she does something wrong tell her so that she can improve or do something better next time.

Those are some of the major things that ladies want but they also matter most on the way you have done them, said them, and also at what time. Do not be overprotective, more emotional than her, when she also wants to help or contribute let her do so. Be a good leader with boldness and integrity.

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