How Not To Embarass Yourself On Whatsapp And Also Be A Successful Conversationist Who Influences People


Friends, there is no virtual reality like social media, particularly, WhatsApp. Because those phone numbers you Include in those WhatsApp groups are for real people, not robots. You are interfacing with real people! 

Below, Iam sharing with you ten (10) ideas on how to get the best out of your conversations with these real people. Just read on.

1. Never try to assume that your ideas are absolute. Always expect to be challenged and accept people who challenge you as being intelligeable and independent minded. Our challengers make us better by forcing us to work on ourselves. 

2. Never argue your case in conversations without all the facts. Try to be as knowledgeable as you might. If you don't know, admit that you are still checking out some facts. There is no worse person who makes a fool of himself than one who doesn't know but wants to prove to others that he knows.  

3. At all times, try to be respectful of others. Do not ever use words which directly attack personalities like, " he is stupid, he is a fool, she is a prostitute, he has no brains, etc". Learn to separate people's personalities from their opinions.

 I think it is better if one said," that is not a wise idea instead of saying, "he is not wise", because sometimes, wrong ideas can come from good persons who are even wise.

 I have always told my friends that, atleast once in our life time, each one of us has  behaved or said something stupid! 

Not because we are not wise but simply because we can't be correct all the time. You can choose the way you treat others in your conversations but I never use things like, " you are speaking nonsense or he does not understand what he is talking about!"

May be it is proper to say, " You are mixing things or it doesn't make proper sense etc".

4. Try to always  discern the Intellectual level of the people you are conversing with. 

 Approach every conversation from it's proper intellectual level. Social media is a pool of great Intellectual minds and you would be so surprised if you met and talked one-on-one with each person you spend your day conversing with on WhatsApp.  You need to understand that there are many highly intelligeable people out there who are even consultants in the fields we are trying to debate! 

You can't be afraid to speak your thoughts but also you shouldn't forget to be cautious not to make a fool of your self.

5. Try to be honest, original and consistent with your personality, principles and ideas.

When people engage  in conversations, they should know what to be and what others should expect of them. You are not on Social media to impress anyone or to be like everyone. You are there to be yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't sound appealing to some people but be your self. 

Real people cannot be separated from their true characters. Never do or say anything on social media which you would never do or say in real time.

Today, people must know that we live in the virtual world with our true selves. 

6. Be someone whose ideas and arguments do not just end on social media. Life thrives on strategic relationships. If your conversations on social media is not earning you real time friends, networks and making you better, your are simply wasting your time!

7. If you would not disrespect your father, grandfather or mother in real time, do not do so even on social media. You can have heated conversations and debates to the point of annoying those who do not believe in what you say, but never be disrespectful.

That's a sign of maturity, to annoy as many people as possible (with the ideas they don't want to listen to), but never to show them disrespect.

8. Be empathetic with others. It doesn't pain or take anything away from you by being kind and good natured even as you disagree with others. 

The best way to Influence people is if they can predict you as a person who is good and easy to exist with. 

 Many people do not understand that they too can be good natured on social media! 

The way people do not want to associate with bullies who spit at them, selfish people or witches in real time, it's the same way they will not want to associate with bad people even on social media.

9. Know that the only place you will have no control over people is social media. It is possible to set as many rules as you want for your family and wife in your home, but social media will teach people that it is not their wives. 

Social media is simply a world that is so noisy, too informal and very lawless. Ofcourse, If you are an administrator of some page or group, you simply can relax and move slow. Know that real people cannot be tied in a virtual world. You can regulate posts but not attitudes, characters and thoughts!

10. Social media is sometimes a noisy and orderless place but one from which you people meet real friends, learn great stuff and socialise with the real world.

It is littered with ideas, news updates and conversations, and at anytime, a person can always pick what they want, engage in conversations of their choice and also update others. It is going to be of paramount significance in the so many years to come.

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