Buying Gold Jewelry for Men

Men are no longer excluded from the fashion scene and jewellery is no longer exclusive to women only. Jewellery looks equally good on men and women these days.

Men, however, are known to adorn themselves only to the bare minimum. The majority prefers to keep things simple, they usually don't like stuffy or extravagant jewellery.

Among all types of jewellery, gold jewellery is a man's favourite. Gold gives a man an air of affluence and confidence. And because a gold jewel is an expensive piece, a man would proudly display it to show off his wealth.

With the rise of hip-hop in the late 1970s, gold jewellery for men came to the forefront. Since then, almost every hip-hop artist has made it a point to flaunt their expensive pieces of gold jewellery.

Men wear gold jewellery in various forms to complement their outfits. Bigger isn't always better with them; a man can wear a single piece of gold on a single outfit with ease. 

The following is a list of common gold jewellery that men wear:

  • Gold watches: A gold watch elegantly placed on a man's wrist will keep him feeling like royalty the entire time. Among all the gold jewellery for men, a gold watch is the most commonly worn.

Although the Rolex is the most popular brand of wristwatches, it is fiercely contested. Gold watches are as pricey as they are fashionable. The minimum price for a piece is around $25,000. The most expensive watch in the league is made of 18 karat gold. 

The best thing about gold is that it never goes out of style; a gold wristwatch will remain new for a long time if properly cared for. 

Furthermore, gold watches are extremely versatile; you can wear one to almost any occasion, be it a formal conference or a simple ice cream date.

  • Chains/necklaces: Gold chains are always in style and look great with a T-shirt. A chain necklace can be worn in a variety of ways, including single or doubled. Some celebrities prefer to wear it with a cross pendant. 

Chains are a great addition to casual outfits, but they can also be worn on a formal occasion. On formal occasions, however, the chain necklace should be as simple as possible. A single strand would work just fine. 

Though chain necklaces are often associated with hip-hop stars, non-celebrities have taken over and are rocking gold chains all day, every day.

  • Gold rings: Engagement rings aren't the only gold rings that men wear on their fingers. Gold rings are now a common piece of gold jewellery for men, and the trend appears to be here to stay. 

The number of rings that should be worn on a single hand is entirely up to you, but, according to the laws of fashion police, if you wear a thick ring, on one hand, there should be no other ring beside it. 

Besides, large and sturdy rings can obstruct your ability to type or perform any other activity that requires the use of your fingers.

  • Gold cufflinks/collar clip: These two items serve the same purpose: they hold others down the hems of a man's shirt. 

The distinction between the two is that cufflinks are for sleeves and collars, whereas clips are for collars. These pieces may appear small and insignificant, but they add to a man's elegance.

How to Buy Men's Gold Jewellery 

Even though men's jewellery has become more common, many of them still struggle to find the right pieces, and they can be just as picky as women.

Choosing jewellery, whether for oneself or as a gift, can appear to be a battle to a man. If this describes you, keep reading to learn about the rules to follow when purchasing men's gold jewellery.

  • Keep it simple and versatile: It's common knowledge that men aren't big fans of jewellery. If you are buying jewellery for a man, keep it simple and classy. 

If possible, get a versatile piece that he can wear with any type of outfit; formal or casual. The best gold jewellery to give a man is a gold wristwatch or a gold necklace.

However, some men do not mind being adorned with a regalia of gold pieces; feel free to go all out when purchasing gold jewellery for these men.

  • Consider his body type: When purchasing gold jewellery, you should also consider a man's physique. A man's ring is bound to be wider and more stuffy than a woman's. 

You could either ask him for his ring size, but he is unlikely to know. Fortunately, there are extremely simple methods for measuring one's finger, such as using a tape or a line of rope. 

The length of a man's neck chain can also be influenced by his body type. The bigger the man, the bigger the neck chain.

  • Customise it: Men appreciate a customised appearance just as much as women do. Unlike women, who prefer to have their names engraved on a custom-made gold chain, men prefer to have their nicknames or slogan engraved on theirs. 

Celebrities are known to engage in this practice. And these celebrities certainly know how to flaunt this pricey piece in public.

Bespoke gold jewellery adds a sense of pride to the man and allows him to create a signature look, and we all know how much the boys enjoy standing out!

  • Creating a budget: Take the time to decide on the type of gold you want before going to the store. You'd be wise to look into the current spot price of gold. 

At the time of writing, a gram of 10k gold cost $23.60, a gram of 14k gold cost $32.60, and the price of 18k was $42. Even if the spot price does not correspond to the market price of your jewellery, it does give you a range within which to set a budget.

  • Consider the occasion: If you are purchasing gold jewellery for a specific occasion, consider the nature of the occasion; the more elaborate the occasion, the more exquisite the gold piece should be. 

But be careful not to overdo it. Men prefer it simple and classy.

  • Shop from the right place: Finding the right merchandiser can also be difficult. There are many gold sellers in Singapore, whose citizens are known for their exquisite taste. 

With such a large market of gold traders, there is bound to be a fake in the mix. And distinguishing the real from the fake can be extremely difficult at times. You'll need to be extremely thorough so that you don't bring home counterfeit jewellery.

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