Aregbesola threw a bomb stone at Tinubu over Osun governor election


Aregbesola threw a bomb stone at Tinubu over Osun governor election

Tinubu and Aregbesola

The rubicund relationship between Nigeria’s interior minister Rauf Aregbesola and former Lagos State governor Bola Tinubu is quick changing into frosty over the second term bid of Osun State Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

Aregbesola and Tinubu adored the foremost cordial relationship. Aregbesola was just the once thought-about one in every of the nighest proteges of the previous Lagos State governor.

Theirs was a ap​pre​hen​sion political force that's laborious to break; even once individual interests appear to be apart, they continuously reached a compromise.

Aregbesola once overtly declared that the person—Bola Tinubu whom he gratified under as a commissioner for work in Lagos State Between 1999 to 2006 was “our leader who we tend to shall still follow.”

The troth is, however, on the brink of failing once the firestorm between each leader within the All Progressives Congress (APC) has been created obvious by the minister.

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Aregbesola holocaust belied shots at Bola Tinubu Speaking in Oriade LGA of Osun on Monday, Aregbesola placarded his opposition for the election of Oyetola for a second term against Tinubu’s want.

The person—Oyetola—that served as a chief of staff under Aregbesola as Osun State governor. Aregbesola mad it known that Oyetola’s performance has been failing and subtly impeached Tinubu of taking part in God over Osun folks

Aregbesola said that, they are ready to allow a free-flow of democratic process to link here. That they're not those who play God.

Tinubu and Aregbesola

He said, they are determine about claiming again their party from those who think that they can continue to abuse their legacies or even want them to be second fiddle in the party we laboured for.

In reference to former Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode who mislaid the party price ticket to contest a second term, Aregbesola stated that it had been constant reason the choice was created that he and his supporters want Oyetola removed.

Tinubu also stated that Ambode mooched from the plan for the development and growth Lagos State. Aregbesola insinuated constant for Oyetola.

Aregbesola uttered that, they accompanied Tinubu dutifully with all sense of loyalty. That some folks even thought that they were no more Muslims because of how they conjoined with him. That they dealt with him without treachery but they never knew he planned evil for them.

He said that, they aggrandized him beyond his status and he changed himself to a god over them and they had pledged to ridicule anyone who compared himself to God.

Aregbesola also said  that, when Biola Tinubu bimanual over this recent governor to him around July of 2018, Tinubu declared that Oyetola can succeed him and continue his sensible works.

He continued that, that was what he told him. That he is also aware that he hasn't done that if he's listening currently and he failed my hollered his successor to order.

He said, that was how it was in Lagos at a time; a governor frus​trated and also the party members unseated him by making use of the ballot boxes. Just as it was in Lagos yesterday, therefore shall it be in Osun nowadays.

Aregbesola publicized his support for former Secretary to the Osun State Government Moshood Adeoti to win the APC primary as it is scheduled for Saturday, February nineteen, 2022.

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