What are Facebook Adsense requirements, Make money with Facebook.

What are Facebook Adsense requirements, Make money with Facebook.

Facebook Adsense Requirements, what are Facebook Adsense requirements?

Do you know there are lots of people who grow Facebook pages just for growing sake or fame.

There are lots of people who make use of Facebook every day but they don't know there are different ways the Facebook page could generate money for them if they monetize it when they meet the Facebook Adsense requirements.  

I know right now in your mind you may be asking yourself what do I mean by that?

Don't worry yourself;

What I mean is that Facebook users like you, can make lots of money from your Facebook page when your page has finally met some of the rules meant for Facebook Adsense approval, and then you can for sure make this cool money on Facebook only when you merely follow the Facebook Adsense requirements.

Are you among the people who have created and owned many Facebook pages without knowing they can make money from them?

Then, this outstanding article is written for you and your likes. It will help put you through the right and easy ways you can follow to make a huge sum of money when you had met the Facebook Adsense requirements.

Okay, enough of all these stories, let's move to the main topic, first of all, what's Facebook Adsense?

Facebook Adsense is known as ads in short. Hence, It's a kind of using your Facebook page to earn money by advertising people's products.

Remember, Facebook will only pay you when you have met their Adsense requirements.

Through this Facebook Adsense, you can get many viewers on your page. This also helps advertisers to get lots of customers because of the many viewers on their posts.

Though there's a rule; the amount of money you pay will determine the number of viewers or audience your post will attract.  

This Adsense is paid for by advertisers who want to promote their customer's products to increase their business awareness to millions of people using Facebook.

let's see how it works, top tips.

However, Facebook does the magic, well the Facebook app has its algorithm.  

There is a lot of information about everything happening on this app called Facebook.

However, Facebook uses this algorithm to monitor all the activities going on, on the app. They can also use this algorithm to know the ads that suit each user depending on the activities they often engage in on Facebook.

Facebook can throw ads to its users through this means:

·The information your profile has will allow Facebook to know the right ads they can allow you to see.

·The kind of friends you have on your friend's list.

·They may also use the information about the friends you have on Facebook.  

·The information you mostly like, share, or comment on Facebook.

·Facebook can send you ads through the kind of pages or sites you visit on Facebook and lots more.

What are Facebook Adsense Requirements?

Nonetheless, creating a Facebook Adsense account is so simple and also free but there are some kind of requirements or Adsense eligibilities you need to meet before you can partake of the Adsense program.

Check below the 4 top lists of Facebook Adsense requirements:

1. You must not be below 18 years old, this means before you can create a Facebook Adsense account, you must be at least 18 years and above, if not, you may be rejected.

Though, you can always make use of your guardian or your parent's accounts to sign up to get your Adsense account. If finally your guardian or parents account got approved, remember all payments will mostly be made using their bank details.

2. You must have created your own outstanding and unique, that's the contents you plan to post for your audience must be of high value, must be original and interesting to attract viewers or audience.

3. Your content must comply with Facebook Adsense agreements, which means that your Facebook page needs to meet all the Adsense policies before you can be granted to have an account with them.

4. Your videos should have a minimum of 10,000 followers, and then 600,000 total minutes viewed in the last 60 days. This includes your live or on-demand videos.

How to meet Facebook Adsense requirements for your page.

To meet the standards for creating a functional Facebook Adsense account is quite easy and simple.

If you already have a Facebook page with lots of followers, then you can earn a huge amount of money if you monetize it through Facebook Adsense.

The amazing part of it is that you can do this either you have a website or not.

Having a Facebook Adsense page will enable you to earn dollars just by charging people who want to advertise their brand/products through your page.

Five amazing steps to know if your Facebook page has met the Facebook Adsense requirements.

Like earlier started, you can be able to start earning money from your Facebook page through the content you created only when your page has met the standard eligibility/requirements for Adsense monetization policies.

To know exactly and be sure if your page is eligible or ready for monetization, follow these simple steps below:

1. You must have at least 151,586 viewers.

2. On your, Facebook goes to Creator studio.

3. Click the monetization tab, on the left corner.

4. Choose the exact page you want to check.

5. Click on the apply tab

Immediately you click on the apply tab, it will show you the monetization page eligibility checker to see your page status, whether you're eligible or not.

For more clarification, see the following illustrations of what each of the colors that will pop up means;

·The green button: you will see, congratulations! your page is ready to earn money.

·The yellow button: means, your page has a little issue that may hinder it to earn money.

·The red button: the red button means, your page still has severe issues, which means you cannot use this page to earn money yet.

How much does Facebook Adsense pay for 1000 views?

This is the kind of the question many Facebook page owners need to ask before planning to apply for the Facebook Ads account.

Though, according to social media examiners like Facebook, it's said that a Facebook ad's contents can generate close to $8.75 and above just for 1000 views.  

To set up your Facebook Adsense account when you meet their requirements, follow these steps:

· Go to creator studio.

· Click monetization by the left.

· If you’re eligible, click on set up.

· Choose your page.

· Check the terms and conditions, and then click on Agree to terms.

· Add your payment details.

· Finally, submit the page for check or review.

6 incredible benefits of meeting the Facebook Adsense requirements.

1. You can sell digital products like ebooks on your Facebook page to make money.  

You can make lots of money with this if you meet the Facebook Adsense requirements.

Facebook Ads will help you generate more viewers to your products.

2. You can decide to charge people to help them promote their products on your Facebook page.

3. You can also make some money by promoting other people's pages to get viewers through your Facebook page.

4. You can as well make lots of money through your Facebook page by charging people to promote their local events with your lots of viewers

5. You can of course sell lots of products by using third-party services

6. Because you meet Facebook Adsense requirements, you can make money through your  Facebook page when you send traffic to affiliate marketers' sites.

Due to your plenty of followers, smart affiliate marketers can decide to pay you to help them advertise their sites on your ads-approved page.

Note: please always make sure to visit your Facebook Adsense account or page to know where you can find all the necessary information on how you can appeal to Facebook when you violet any of their community standards terms and policies to enable you to achieve your aims with Adsense.


Meeting Facebook Adsense requirements is not as difficult as lots of people may think, all you need to do, is to create a good Facebook page, continue posting some interesting and unique content till you're eligible to monetize your Facebook page.

Good luck as you meet the requirements and start making money.

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