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I have heard people talking about the sale  of the Entebbe International Airport to the Chinese government and was truly puzzled how that could happen. How our government could betray it's people. But with some research I come to release that this was just among the many propaganda news spread by the enemies of the state who masquerade as freedom fighters pursuing a struggle and their western Allies. 
The malicious allegation has no factual basis and was ill intended to distort the good relations that China enjoys with developing countries including Uganda.

This is mainly due to the diminishing relevance of the western countries and growing support towards Chinese by most African states. 
This may come as a surprise to most serious policymakers, but here’s a fact: not all that is “news” is fact-checked information. Worse, non-facts are frequently introduced into stories and passed off as facts. This is truly in settling. 
The phenomenon of junk news and its dissemination over social media platforms has destroyed political debate. 

It's no surprise that most of the news networks spreading this mis information are western owned. 
You remember when the American giant Facebook shut down Pro government Facebook accounts during the Jan 14th campaign accusing the accounts of 'coordnated inauthentic behavior' aimed at boosting support for the NRM government yet leaving those of the opposition in termpered with an act of double standards and unfair ground. 
The Americans can't compete with the Chinese loans so they are left with spreading fake propaganda against the Chinese. 
Lucky enough our Attorney general Mr. Kiryowa Kiwanuka Came out and cleared the air on Tuesday, 1 December 2021 appearing before the Committee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE). 
He informed the Committee that he had advised the Ministry of Finance against continued re-negotiation of the contract, saying although it is not the best contract, it is not a bad one either.

He said the escrow account is for the good since there will not be any form of corruption. Kiryowa adds that the lender sees the sources of income from the current airport collections as the main way to recover the loan.
According to Kiryowa, the talk of a takeover of the airport is false, wrong, and inconceivable since Uganda has not yet started paying the loan but is still in the grace period.
“This contract was signed on 31st March 2015, with a grace period of seven years, the first repayment date is 1st April 2022. Government cannot be in default during the grace period,” Kiryowa said.
On the arbitration process that reportedly favors China, Kiryowa said if Uganda’s rights are violated in the contract, Uganda can defend itself in any part of the world and it doesn’t matter if it is in China.

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