How to plan an efficient convocation live streaming?

How to plan an efficient convocation live streaming?

The outbreak of the global pandemic forced everyone to accept the new normal. This new normal refers to virtual and hybrid events that high schools and universities are using to perform their convocation ceremony. Likewise, convocation live streaming is another acceptable method being practiced to celebrate the achievement of the graduating students. Let us walk you through in detail what is convocation live streaming, how it works, and what steps should be taken in order to make it super successful.

What is convocation live streaming?

Graduation is one milestone that students achieve after extreme hard work and endeavors. We understand that the Covid restrictions refrained many graduates from walking the physical stage of the graduation ceremony. But, with the ideal event live streaming services, event planners have the chance to host impactful convocation live streaming to make their graduates feel special and appreciated.

How does a convocation live streaming work?

A virtual graduation ceremony is one of those events that are organized for graduating students to make their farewell and convocation program even more memorable. Let us take a look at some of the vital ideas and practices that are required to host a successful convocation live streaming;

  1. With virtual live streaming, it is mandatory to choose a strong and robust technical infrastructure. 

  1. An online graduation ceremony is usually a huge event that involves a large audience, speakers, and guests.

  1. Make sure to check your device equipment, Internet connection, and the latest technologies before you decide to go live. Remember to look for a high-speed Internet connection to avoid any sort of interruption and hindrance.

  1. Do thorough research before finalizing the live streaming content and show flow. Make sure to keep it highly relevant and impactful. 

  1. Interaction is an important key in making your live streaming more successful. So, try to add live polls, Q&A sessions, and live chat tools that will make the live stream even more valuable.

  1. Look for audio, video, and chat tools that are robust and strong. These tools are effective means to give a life-like feel to your online streaming.

  1. Also, if the convocation students are logging in to the live stream with a username and password, then do remember about the security concerns which are also equally essential.

How to plan an efficient convocation live streaming?

Live streaming on different social media platforms is a huge task that can be carried in several ways. Let us take a look at the most important steps that can help you plan an efficient convocation live streaming;

  • Schedule your live streams

With live streaming happening virtually, it is important to schedule them on different platforms very carefully. The platforms that are mostly used in live streaming are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. So, make sure to choose the live streaming timing very wisely for each platform's streaming. Besides this, do not miss out on promoting live streaming. It will help you gather more attendees for your event from different remote locations.

  • Make it more lively

To keep the graduating students engaged, it is important to add a lively spark to your live stream. Try including maximum images, videos, graphics, and content that can leave an impactful impression on the audience. You can also choose to run a thematic convocation background to make it more realistic. For example, you can add memorable pictures of the graduating students in the background to create an immersive experience. 

  • Be careful about the camera angle

Camera angle plays an important role in elevating the level of your live stream. So, make sure to check the functionality and features of the camera much before in advance to avoid any technical failure during the main live stream. Remember to keep the camera positioning in mind to ensure that live streaming covers each guest, speaker, most of the attendees, and faculty members in the frame.

  • Leverage screen sharing application

To add more value to your live streaming, it is important to add a screen-sharing application that will allow each attendee and guest to show their screen and participate in an engaging conversation. Through this application, it becomes easier to show and play your favorite song, a fruitful presentation, or a slide show.

  • Promote attendee engagement

Content plays an important role in retaining the virtual audience. Therefore, it is very important to look for interesting gigs and ideas that will keep the attendees involved. Consider including live polls and Q&A sessions to make your live stream session even more interactive. You can insert a live chat function to make way for meaningful 2-way interactions. 

These are some effective ideas to make your live streaming way more unique and bizarre.

  • Leverage the latest technology

Digital advancements have become a vital part of today's life. Hence, it is important to be aware of the recent developments in order to stay a step ahead of your opponents. Make sure to leverage the latest software and tools that will benefit your live stream and its different aspects. 

  • Perform test rehersals

Live streaming involves heavy technology and digital methodologies. So, our aim should be to ensure to eliminate the possibility of any technical error that can hinder the virtual live-stream event. Do not miss out on running maximum rehearsals and practice sessions with vital equipment like a camera, microphone, live chat tool, and other software without which your live streaming cannot be a success.

Final Thoughts

There are various ways that schools and colleges can adapt to host a convocation live streaming. In each of these ways, it is important to ensure that attendees find it interesting and stay hooked for maximum duration. So, it is important for the organizer to look for every minute and significant detail to make the convocation live streaming successful in every way. The topmost one is the equipment features and functionality to avoid any system crases and interference in the attendee experience. Another effective strategy that can be followed for flawless execution is creating a planned checklist and show flow that will act as a guidebook to make your live stream on different platforms likable and interesting.

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