Hassan Male Mabirizi was born in 1987 in Rubaga to a business man Mr. Mohammad Mutumba Ganaffa and the late Ndwaddewazibwa Mastula who was known as a serial drankard. Mabirizi’s mother died in 1992 when he was only five years old in Primary two due to village allegations that she was a witch who had destabilized families in the village and this was the beginning of the end of his good childhood life.

His father later remarried and sent the little Mabirizi to his grandmother in the village, Nkokonjeru in Buikwe District where he stayed until he completed his primary school level. Hassan Male Mabirizi attended Nkokonjeru Muslim primary school.
Mabirizi returned to Kampala City after getting his PLE result to join Secondary School.

Nonetheless, in his early days in secondary school, Mabirizi irritated his family after he refused to offer an apology to his stepmother for false allegations against her on the orders of his father and other relatives.
As a result, Mabirizi was chased away from home and his father stopped paying his school fees.

Mabirizi refused to accept his dismissal from home. At 16 years, Mabirizi sued his drunkard father for negligence and neglect of his fatherly duties. But being a minor, Mabirizi was advised by the family division court to forward his complaints through an adult.

His character of Suing anything that crosses his eyes or ears has not just began it was inborn and partly as a result of bad/poor upbringing. his funders really landed on a good psycho to use for their selfish interests.
So, his father was summoned by the court, after which he agreed to pay the fees but Mabirizi’s father denied him access to his house. Mabirizi proceeded with school and his head teacher at Crane High School Natete, Kampala offered him a vacancy in the boarding section, which gave him a chance to a seemingly better future. 
He later earned himself a vacancy at Kawempe Muslim Secondary School and this compelled his father to offer him financial and basic needs support. At Kawempe Muslim SS, Mabirizi was almost lynched by angry students accusing him of stealing their property for sale. Mabirizi went to university where didn’t perform well but he also failed to enroll for the postgraduate diploma in legal practice at the Law Development Centre (LDC) that would have made him an advocate of the High Court after failing pre-entry exams.

All the trauma Mabirizi went through in his childhood is the likely cause of the anxiety of earning so much hence leading him to involvement in dirty games and associating with criminals to forge away for  source of income to prove his family wrong.
Male Mabirizi is a quack lawyer who turned to the limelight due to his unending bogus petitions in the courts of law and has never won a single petition that calls for his funding. Having failed LDC pre-entry exams, he has tried to forge life through filing bogus petitions that he later abandons after receiving money from his funders for the work done.

Male is a money lender whose sources of the said money are not known and owns large chunks of land through illegal acquisition and partly owned from the conned citizens.
Male Mabirizi is a foreign agent of the West whose interests are to make Uganda a failed country by all means but unfortunately he has failed them miserably.

If you have ardently followed happenings in Uganda especially on the political and legal scene over the last five years, the name Male Mabirizi should surely ring a bell.
From suing the Kabaka to challenging President Museveni’s candidature in the East African Court of Justice, questioning President Museveni for appointing a Chief Justice, suing MTN for selling shares to the public and Etc. Mabirizi has been in the thick of it all.

Mabirizi has consistently used the media to ensure his daily appearance in the media. Mabirizi admits that he became famous when he sued the Kabaka.
“I think that’s when the media picked a lot of interest in me and the case,” he says. Since then, he has not looked back.
Male Mabirizi has at one time accused Chiief Justice Owiny Dolo for kidnapping Justice Kisakye who disagreed with eight Justices in their decision on two applications arising from the presidential election petition filed by former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. Her decision doesn’t call for any action against her and allegations of her kidnap by Mabirizi was one of the strategies to blackmail Government and its Agencies such as the Judiciary. 

His aim in these petitions isn’t to win but tarnish the image of the government and different officials from different agencies. 
Credible information indicates that Male Mabirizi tried to blackmail MTN Uganda to extend financial support to him threatening to sue them about the sale of its shares to the public alleging it wasn’t done in the right procedure when they refused he said the judge’s hearing the petition were incompetent.

He is the kind of quack lawyer who files and abandons petitions after they have lost media attention and then files fresh ones.
During the hearing of the Article 102 (b) of the Amendment of the Constitution, Male Mabirizi alleged that Justice Elizabeth Musoke was Deputt Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana’s wife and shouldn’t be on the panel of judges in the petition when he was called to raise the matter officially he chickened out and disappeared because he knew what he was saying was false, all this was done maliciously to discredit and character assassinate Justice Elizabeth Musoke.

The quack lawyer later disappeared from court in Mbale during the hearing ran to Kampala to forge around new petitions. 
Male Mabirizi attacked Justice Arach when her daughter a Magistrate who applied for promotion in the Judicial Service Commission. Her qualifications called for her promotion  as a self-imposed lawyer arrogantly alleged that it was only feverish work. 

He also sued the Attorney General challenging the discussion of installing car tracking devices in all cars in Uganda to ensure security for all citizens. What kind of lawyer would file a case against a discussion? The matter was still a discussion but he ran to court to block it.
His petition against the Attorney General challenge the powers of the President to appoint Judges, Ministers and Permanent Secretaries alleging that he isn’t the legit President of the Republic of Uganda leaves one wondering what’s the aim of the quack lawyer. This leaves his motives exposed on who he considers being the President of Uganda. A clarification to the quack lawyer about some appointments especially in the Judiciary would have been; the President only approved a list of those eligible for promotion from their respective agencies as submitted after consideration. 

His attacks are aimed at tarnishing the image of the government arms and agencies. This is because its only his tool of remaining relevant in the media since he is only a petitioner who didn’t attend the Law Development Centre course that certify him as an advocate, after failing pre-entry exams several times.  He uses the media to blackmail the government to enable his funding channels believe his serving their interests.

Male Mabirizi has filed over 100 petitions in different courts from Magistrates courts to supreme court and he has never won a single case, he files bogus petitions which are always dismissed because of lack of supporting evidence and once he loses a case, with help of his funders, journalists will paid to converge at the court premises usually on the day the judgment is delivered and he will call the presiding judge/magistrate incompetent, corrupt and accuse him to be a state machinery.

One would imagine how one would petition President Museveni for imposing lockdown on the country in difficult times when COVID-19 hit the world. Meanwhile, it wasn’t only Uganda that went to lockdown under strict laws to ensure adherence to the guidelines from the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of the deadly COVID-19. 
His continuous blackmail had seen a little success after the infiltration within the media by the foreign funders and the Gay community that has splashed a lot of cash within the youths working with different media houses that cover and popularize his baseless petitions where he comes up with the whole truck full of documents for media attention yet he never wins a single case from those filed.

He closely works with another lawyer called Isaac Semakade whom they have same assignments from same funders both local and foreign.
Last week Male Mabirizi  filed two petitions one against pastor Aloysius Bujingo accusing him of marrying another woman and another against attorney General why Uganda sent forces to congo to fight ADF
This man should be subjected to psychiatry tests why would a sane person sue another person for marrying?
Why would one sue the attorney general for Uganda going after the terrorists who in the recent 2 months have exploded three different bombs in Kampala?

Vanguard Africa claims to be a pro-democracy foundation but it’s well known for instigating violence using leading opposition parties across a Africa the person behind all this is called Jeffrey Smith close confidant of Lawyer Amsterdam.
His main task from the above organization in collaboration with the gay community is to tarnish the image of government of Uganda and make it loose credibility through media. But this has not been easy for him because of competent judicial officers all his petitions have been proven to be unfounded and baseless.
2. ADNA. Advocacy Network for Africa forum.
3. IGSCP. International global strategic communication and public affairs.
4. CFR. Council on foreign relations 
He also works with the following international media houses 
Male Mabirizi is also very closely associated with the following individuals who are internationally known for instigating violence in Africa 
Joseph Paul Trippi 
Christopher Harvin 
Robert Amsterdam 
He also very close to Hellen Epstein an American woman who works in Uganda and America a known agent of his donors in Uganda.
Male Mabirizi as we talk he could be some where filing other bogus petitions to waste peoples time and government resources.
A section of the public wishes there could be a law that barring such bogus and foolish petitions to be filed in any court in Uganda.

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