Bugingo should be granted divorce - Titus Seruga

Bugingo should be granted divorce - Titus Seruga

The Invitation card was written on Introduction Card, introduction literary means to introduce someone to your family. This doesn't stop another woman from introducing Bugingo.

The cultural aspect of Kwanjula which is customary marriage can be challenged since Bugingo is not a Muganda to practice big Baganda Tradition called Kwanjula.

The law doesn't stop someone from showing interest in marrying; therefore, being introduced to Makula’s family doesn't constitute marriage. If the Same Makula is free to bring another man in that home tomorrow then that doesn't constitute to marriage but a visitation.

I insist it can only be marriage if parties agree to register it at LC3 and acquire a certificate of Customary marriage which is then produced at URSB for a civil marriage ceremony.

If Bugingo presents this as a defense in courts of law, then we may have a change of direction and probably have our laws amended by this ruling in his favor.

We the social media defense lawyers have started filing a defense for Bugingo, citing laws that appear to lock individuals in undesired relationships.

The jury will hear how Bugingo’s ex-wife at one point promised to deliver a consent judgment, but after getting a house and money for her church, she was confused by other pastors with intention to drag Bugingo down to change her mind.

Bugingo should allow to move on with his life; let us criticize his preaching if there is anything to talk about but not his decision to move on.

My only disappointment was his previous comments on the ex-wife. Still, considering whatever transpired, Bugingo had an arrogant view that publically shaming the ex-wife would force her to move on. That didn't work, and now we are back to square one.

This battle is now turning out not to be a battle for Bugingo, but many other people in failed relationships versus those desperate to expose Bugingo as a false prophet.

I am not in a position to judge a man’s faith, but I have an opinion that love can't be forced; from an exposed perspective, any love forced turns into abuse and, to the worst, death.

Let agree or disagree Bugingo should be granted divorce tomorrow, if the case needs urgency.

Titus Seruga 

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