Before Buying Farm Land in Uganda,Real Estate

Before Buying Farm Land in Uganda,

Before buying land, try to consider the following forteen points essential. The world is going real estate and we need to be careful.

1. Do an official title search with the Lands office.

2. Check with the LC's. Dont go there with the seller alone.

3. Suggest to pay through the bank. Most fraudsters dread the bank.

4. Never get pressured to rush payments with stories like 'The seller has a medical emergency'.

5. Take time to talk with the neighbours because sometimes the LCs are an interested party. The neighbours always know who is who.

6. Take photos or video of payment session, Land titles or agreements of previous owner, and more.

7. Employ the services of a lawyer. These can do all necessary due diligence and save your money. Make sure its 'your' lawyer, not the seller's lawyer.

8. Enlist a land surveyor. Be sure they are registered with the Surveyors Registration Board and have a valid practising license.

9. Add the seller's National ID and the broker's National ID to the agreement or title.

10. Get Yaka and UMEME plus the National Water and Sewage Service receipts if the land you're buying includes a house that was built already.

11. If the plot or land is unbelievably cheap, dont rush. Such land may have issues later on.

12. Check with NEMA too. It is becoming another stampede in land issues too.

13. Most importantly, pray that God will guide you through the whole process and like some people say, 'Trust your gut'.

14. Transfer the Title immediately after the transaction is completed. 


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