Who is Hon. Ibrahim Semujju Nganda that attacks the government and President Museveni?

It's quite Paramount to note and quote some traditional proverbs  (Amaizi tigebwa Nambere garabire- The water never forgets where it passed through) this is however in contrary to what Hon. Ibrahim Semujju Nganda Insinuates today , The honorable who grew up and from a humble family is the only who managed to get a bachelor’s degree because; 
1) The girls he studied with got married after finishing senior two at Bijaaba Islamic Institute.
2) The boys he studied with dropped out at senior two for casual jobs in Masaka town. 
This was around 1990, Semujju persisted and finished his "O" level and "A" level in 1992 and 1995 respectively. In his area, Hon. Nganda was the first youth to benefit from NRM government Higher education Scholarships when he was admitted at Makerere University for a bachelors of Arts Mass communication. 
Serving as a journalist for some time as he worked with daily monitor and The  observer he fully enjoyed his freedom of speech and expression hence becoming a successful journalist , while at Daily Monitor he was one of the journalists that got a chance to enter Uganda Parliament before he was even an MP because his beat was covering Parliament Sessions ( This was from 1999- 2011) . 

In 2011 Hon. Semujju betrayed the government that paid for his tuition and joined politics contesting for a seat of a member of Parliament of Kyadondo East County on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket .He won the election in 20211 and became the member of Parliament for Kyadondo East, prior the 2016 presidential elections Kiira Municipality was a warded a parliamentary Seat separate from Kyadondo East where Hon Semujju is still the Incumbent.

It's imperative to note that this same Honorable who always blames President Museveni for over staying in Power has been in that seat for the last 10yrs and he is showing no signs of standing down for someone else and  to him this is okay . In a TV Programme called On the Spot five years ago Hon Semujju asserted that there is a time he went for a workshop and was given 1.5m. He also talked about travel allowances for MPs, the money for the sendoff of the MPs and purchase of cars for MPs but this is the same Honorable who has never declared his allowances to the electorates and he drives government cars every term. When you are at his fancy Mansion in Kirinya Bweyogerere you may think the house was imported from the US, He one time said two years ago on NBS's famous programme People and Power that each of his children sleeps in his or her own bedroom but they still want a swimming pool in their bedrooms, this is the same Hon who narrated also and said during his time with The Observer he built a two bedroomed house and called his entire village clan to celebrate.

Let's sum this up, but first why would a person who has assumed all these riches in this government attack his source? Is he attacking the government for providing enough for him?? 
In John 3:3 Jesus said to Nicodemus that you go and sell whatever you have you give it to the poor and follow me to Heaven but Nicodemus loved his riches more than heaven. 

Let's bring this to our subject ; Hon Semujju with his multi-million building and fancy cars says he is speaking for the poor he can't sacrifice for yet he knows how poverty pains when he remembers sharing a mother's Gomesi to survive through a cold night .In my language there is a proverb that says Arukukoza naitiriza arukunyata ( You have the sauce sweet as it but you say to someone who doesn't even have salty food that don't worry am struggling to get you the Sauce) , If he is really willing to give you the sauce let him first share the sauce he has. It is so a shaming for such a learned MP not to know that the president is the head of the executive which is the leading organ of the government, he has the powers to order according to Article 99(4) of the Constitution of Uganda. Article 98(1) of the Constitution gives the president all powers and calls him the fountain of honor. Hon Semujju should at least if not respecting the duelly elected president respect the Constitution of Uganda as a legislator. 
Nanda Ssemujju house

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