The Best Sports for Kids


The Best Sports for Kids

Sports and kids come hand in hand for various reasons, it helps build a skill, team spirit and a series of communication and physical development. There are kids who would play any sport given the chance regardless of what it is. 

Although not everyone is a sports person it should be encouraged as a child. There are various sports that a child can be a part of some are team and some are individual. Depending on what you want for your child here are a list of sports that a child should get involved in playing as it can be beneficial to them. 

Basket ball

This seems quite obvious but it is so for well-known reasons. Basketball is a team sport that can be enjoyed playing with many types of people. It helps build moral, team spirit and is also the type of sport if continued professionally can be a getaway to scholarships and other benefits. 

While it may not be very common many players do continue to play the sport and even compete at national and international levels. Basketball is a universal sport that is known and enjoyed all over the world, making it even act as a bonding tool for people from different places. 

Tennis and badminton  

Both these sports are individual yet challenging sports that require loads of energy and skill. It requires good eyes contact and hand eye coordination that will help a child’s brain development. It enables a child to be quick and of course move onto national stages if they really qualify and play well.  Since it is an individual sport, it is performance-based meaning that you get credit for your achievement.


The most loved sport to watch and play there is something exciting about being at a soccer match. This group sport can be enjoyed professionally and for fun. It brings about great team partnership, skill and a good time. Soccer is a fun sport that your child will enjoy playing even at a young age. So, if you are thinking of enrolling your child and need soccer boots for kids, try Sportco for all your sporting needs. 


Other than if you child is a water baby and loves being in a pool the other best reason swimming is ideal is for health reasons. It enables lung development and reduces the chances of your child getting asthma and other chest infections as swimming requires breathing exercise and control. This too is a individual sport so your child has the chance to really out shine if they are great swimmers. It is fun and there are only a few kids who do not like being in a pool. 


One of the most impactful contact sports, rugby is hardcore but if you get into it, you can either really love it or hate it. While many parents may think rugby is a harmful sport it can also have many pros when played the right way of course. 

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