Evidently NUP lost the previous elections with 3.6m million votes Vs the incumbent President Museveni (NRM) who gunnered 6,042,898 million votes. That aside, in the parliamentary elections NUP got 55 members of Parliament out of 499 MP seats, while NRM got 319 Members of Parliament.

The above elections statistics clearly indicates NUP as a political party that has no future in the democratic political game of Uganda thus the only way out for NUP to take power is to castigate Ugandans into riots, that will lead to the overthrow of a democratically elected government.

NUP as a party and it's supporters lack ideological drive orientation making them potential followers of  undemocratic acts of violence,riots, hooliganism, and malicious damage of both private and government properties.This was vividly seen in December  2020 Presidential campaigns when Bobiwine was arrested from Kayunga, NUP's bigwigs used that opportunity to incite mass riots in the entire country with a hidden agenda of overthrowing the government, therefore NUP is praying had to use the death of Honourable Ssengirinya as blessing in disguise to have mass riots within the city since Ssengirinya reasonates well with most of kampala's dwellers and he happens to be a member of Parliament for Kawempe North and former a City counselor.

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