Libya Has Been Messed Up by Outsiders - President Museveni


Libya Has Been Messed Up by Outsiders - President Museveni

Meeting with H.E Abdullah Al-Lafi, the Vice-President of the Libyan Presidential Council at State House Entebbe. I opined that Libya has its owners who should get a chance to make their own mistakes through elections instead of imposing the mistakes of foreigners on them.

Libyan leaders should spend more time winning over the Libyan people, elections are fair and strategic in terms of encouraging people to make peace rather than war and everyone should participate without conditions. Getting foreigners to fight our wars is plundering Africa.

It can't be difficult to organize elections. Libya has been messed up by outsiders taking advantage of Libyans who were ideologically not well prepared. Let the people now make their choices whether good or bad, it will be their responsibility after all. - _H.E President YK MuseveniπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬_ 
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