A Winter Vacation Wardrobe Checklist


A Winter Vacation Wardrobe Checklist

Last year travel was at a complete standstill, with everything being closed and flights grounded almost throughout the year, people are set to head out this winter season. Vaccinated and ready to break free from their home stresses there are plenty of places that are now open and safe for travel. 

So, if you are packing for your winter holiday there are obviously certain must haves in your luggage. The last thing you want is to be poorly dressed for the cold and of course not dressed up enough for wherever you are going. So, in order to make sure that does not happen here is a list of items that you need to pack for your winter vacation.

Closed and comfortable shoes

Regardless of where you are going, a good pair of shoes is a must. However, during winter this comes to the top of your list. In order to fight the cold and to keep your feet toasty boots are highly recommended. 

Whether they are ankle, knee or even lace ups boots ensure warm legs and can be great for when having to walk around exploring. They not only look super trendy and chic but are also made to withstand the cold so wear and tear may not be too apparent. Depending on how long or where your vacation is you may pack one or two types of shoes so you are prepared for wherever your vacation takes you. 

Jumpers and jerseys

This seems like quite a no brainer in terms of warm clothing but it is obviously one of the most important too. Layered jumpers are advised as they trap in the heat and are water proof in case there is snow or rain. Either way outer wear is crucial or it does help when it looks great too. Depending on how well you handle the cold you can choose how much you wish to stock up on the warm clothes. 


Warm hands are equal to happy person, not really but in the cold it does apply. There is no point having layers of clothing if your hands are not kept warm. There a plenty of various materials that gloves are made up of however some are more effective than others. 

For instance, wool is ideal to trap the heat in but womens leather gloves are the next best alternative. They not only look stylish to wear but are also very effective similar to wool. Leather may also be suitable for when there is snow as it does not absorb water like wool might. 

Scarfs and shawls

The best way to keep your neck warm is to double round with a scarf of shawl. However best thing about it is that it works to not only keep you warm but also add a bit of flair to your outfit. Kashmir or silk scarves are the best materials; they come in brilliantly coloured patterns which are both elegant and fun to mix around with, with different outfits. 

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