What are the health myths that should not be followed?


What are the health myths that should not be followed?

Most of us keep on working on our health and want us to stay healthy forever. Everybody has a different opinion on health and its ways. People are trying to get the right physique or trying to stay fit everywhere. 

The health journey that everybody follows differs from person to person. But this journey is full of myths and misconceptions that many people follow and believe in. 

Many theories are floating around health in today’s world, and they should be busted to get the correct information.

Stay fit, stay sane

Many areas in life are full of misconceptions and oceans. The health sector is one of them. Many people do surprising things that are interpreted in the wrong way. Science also proves many facts that are health-related or are misinterpreted. 

Every day we have a new diet that ensures to keep us fit and healthy. But do these diets actually work? Do they make us healthy forever? These questions should be answered at the right time to get your facts clear about diet, health and exercise.

Many health experts talk about various health myths and also give their suggestions on them. The fiction has to be separated from the fact to push people in the right direction for their fitness. 

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But health is not connected to expensive types of equipment and money. You can stay fit without investing vast amounts of money. 

Health misconceptions

  1. Lifting weights can make you bulky

If you are lifting weights, you must have heard many people telling you not to do so. It is generally believed that if you lift weights, you can become bulky. For lifting weights, you also must have changed your diet and nutrition plans. 

On the contrary, weightlifting makes you sharper and fitter. It has nothing to do with making you bulky. Many health experts debunk the myth of weights relating to the bulkiness of the body.

  1. Unused muscle gets converted into fat

There have been many myths in relation to muscle and fat. The fat is comprised of lipids, whereas muscle contains protein. Scientifically, muscle and fat cannot be converted into each other. 

The truth behind this is if you do not lift weights, the muscle vigour can decrease gradually. Muscle cannot be converted into fat as it is not possible biologically.

  1. The right time to exercise is early morning

Exercise is essential for the human body, irrespective of the time. It is not necessary to exercise in the morning. You can work out at your convenience, and it can be in the evening as well. The critical part of your exercise is regularity. 

You should be regular in doing your exercises. Also, you can set a routine for your exercise and try to work out at that specific time every day. 

The only logic behind exercising in the morning is that the rest of the day is free, and you can utilize your time on other essential tasks.

  1. The minimum exercise duration is 1 hour

The exercise time should be one hour is a Big Mac in the health sector. While exercising, you should be efficient and regular in your routines, and that is what matters. 

It does not matter how long you exercise. For example, working out for two continuous hours but in an inefficient manner is not beneficial for the body. 

Whereas, if you workout for half an hour with total efficiency and concentration, it can work wonders for you. Exercising daily helps you in keeping your fitness levels intact. Some people invest a lot of money for their health and buy various pieces of equipment. 

In Ireland, if people do not have the money, they borrow 24 hours loans. Investing in huge money may not make you healthy, but regular exercising will. 

  1. Ab exercises are the best way to get a sculpted stomach

If you want sculpted stomach abs, exercise is for you. Many people would tell you this, but this is a myth. Along with your abs exercises, cardio is very important for your body as it maintains your body. 

Along with exercising, maintaining your diet is also very important as diet dramatically impacts your health and fitness.

  1. Do not lift weights if you are above 40 

Many people believe that ageing is a restriction for exercising. It is false. As you age, you can lift weights as it promotes bone health. The only critical point here is to lift weights under proper guidance and supervision. 

Do not lift weights if you do not have the proper knowledge for weightlifting. You can lift weights and do any kind of exercise regardless of your age or gender. 

  1. Sweating is directly proportional to your fat burn 

Many people believe that if you’re not sweating, you are not doing the proper exercise. Factually, sweating is not an indicator of your fat burning. For example, if you are travelling on a hot sunny day, you may sweat a lot because of the hot weather. 

But if you are working out in the gym and running on the treadmill or may not sweat as much as you did in the hot weather. There is no comparison between your sweat and exercising.

  1. Have coconut water to boost your energy level during the workout

Many people favour coconut water as the best energy drink for your body. You can consume coconut water during workouts but with the proper knowledge of nutrition. Most the energy drinks have potassium in them. 

Coconut water does not contain potassium; hence is not very good to consume while working out. 

Coconut water is excellent for hydration. You can look for various energy drinks that provide you with potassium while working out and boosting your energy levels.


Exercising is very important for your fitness and good health. But certain misconceptions may stop you from many things. 

It is advisable to clear out all the misconceptions before setting our health routine.  

Description: What are the various misconceptions relating to health and fitness? How can you improve your health with simple ways and techniques?


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