Some Best & Free Action Role Play Games on Mobile


Some Best & Free Action Role Play Games on Mobile

Introduction: Action RPG

Actions role-playing games or action RPGs are role-playing video games, typically focused on real-time combat where the player has direct control over the characters. Many action RPGs also incorporate elements from action games and even from action-adventure games.

 Mobile Action RPG

A Mobile Action Role-play Game (MARP) is a role-playing game that happens through actions made with mobile devices. A MARP can be on any platform but must-have elements available to play using Smartphone’s or tablets only. 

"Titan Quest Legendary" Edition RPG (Tablet)

Everyone who plays the role-playing game "Titan Quest" knows that it can get repetitive after playing for hours. With some great news for all people: "Titan Quest" is now available on Android and IOS.

It is now available on Steam for USD 14.99, but if you own the original game, you get a copy of this one for free! IOS users can get their copy for USD 4.99, while Android costs only USD 0.99.

There are some differences between this edition and the original game. "Titan Quest" provides:

  • More detailed textures.

  • New post-processing effects.

  • Directional occlusion.

  • Anti-aliasing on all A10 devices (iPhone 5s & more recent).

  • Better shadows with self-shadowing.

  • Less popping due to an improved scenery loading algorithm.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Action RPG on Android, iOS

"Battle Chasers: Nightwar" is an RPG game based on the comic book series Battle Chasers. The game has many inspirations from older RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, but it has unique styles. The basics of the story are that there is a vast cult trying to take over everything, your family gets kidnapped by them, and you have to save them. You can pick a three-person party, each with their skills and weapons, making every play through different.

Last Cloudia Action Role Play Game 

Last Cloudia is an exciting RPG with beautiful graphics, deep storylines, and compelling characters. The game features fantastic battles, with each character having unique skills that you can use when in combat. You can experience all of the things that make RPGs so loved when playing Last Cloudia.

You can create a party that is the biggest in any mobile RPG to date. You can enjoy high-quality images in full 3D with stunning special effects and more. Following are 2021,  Last Cloudia Tier List on mobile(Android, iOS) includes "Tier S+," "Tier S," "Tier A," "Tier B," "Tier C," "Tier D." You can select these units for making more powerful game characters when you play.


Grimvalor is a role-playing action game (RPG) on Android and iOS, where players take command of three adventurers, the wizard Finn, the warrior Roq and the rogue Yumil. The player's task is to explore dungeon levels filled with enemies that they must defeat to gain experience points (XP), level up their characters, and earn gold, loot, and blueprints.

When entering a level, players can choose from different objectives such as 'Fresh Start,' which resets the dungeon, or 'Seal Door,' which prevents the doors from opening until all enemies are defeated. Players may also choose not to accept a specific objective to receive greater rewards. 


Langrisser is a Nintendo console tactical role-playing video game series originally released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The story focuses on the war between countries and a group of heroes in the middle of it. The weapon-based battles are similar to Fire Emblem, although there are differences in the ability to upgrade characters and multiple story paths.

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