Hidden Places To Visit In Goa


Hidden Places To Visit In Goa

Goa is a  beautiful state, full of magnificent as well as wonderful places. Each and every place in Goa is different from each other and has its own beauty. We can explore all the places in a very effective manner by planning a Goa tour. But there are also many places which are hidden i.e. unexplored in Goa even today. Here we are going to explore some of the under-explored places of Goa. There are some of the places which are unexplored by the people in Goa are:-

Butterfly Beach

This beach is located in South Goa and it is one of the under-explored places in Goa. In South Goa only, Palolem beach is flocked in large crowds, and on the other hand many few people know about the Butterfly beach. This beach is surrounded by dense vegetation and we cannot access this beach by bus, cars or bikes but only with boats. We can also see sea animals and creatures. People can also spot crabs, butterflies and dolphins in this beach.

Arambol Beach

It is the small village of local fishermen in Goa, located in North Goa. This beach is also one of the under-explored beaches in Goa. Arambol Beach is popular for its interesting nightlife, pubs, market and hippie culture. This beach is also popular for adventurous sports like kitesurfing and paragliding. This beach also offers a beautiful eye-catching view of the sea.

Sinquerim Fort

It is an amazing fact that Goa was found by the Portuguese and it was home to them until the Britishers drove them out. Sinquerim Fort is located beside the beach of Sinquerim in the Sinquerim village. We can relax on this beach as this beach is less crowded and away from the city. We can also do some of the adventurous water sports like scuba diving and windsurfing. Sinquerim Fort is also an unexplored place in Goa. But this place is a must visit place.

 Rivona Caves

Rivona Caves are located in the Rivona village in South Goa. It is believed that this cave is the meditation place of the Buddhist monk and the laterite rock is the meditation seat. Inside the cave, there are beautiful sculptures, paintings etc.


Netravali is a strange place in Goa. It is located in the district of Sangeum in South Goa. Netravali is a beautiful lake and we can also do Fish spa here. However, it is a beautiful and relaxed place, so only few people know about this place. It is a must visit place while planning for a Goa tour.

Cumbarjua Backwater Canal

We all want to visit Goa for the beautiful beaches. But very few people are aware about the adventurous activity in Goa. On the banks of Mandovi river, we can spot crocodiles which is one of the thrilling adventures. This place provides us some of the best views and thrilling experience which is unforgettable.

Harvalem Falls

Harvalem falls is surrounded by dense forest. There is also Mahadev Temple nearby which is not explored by many of the people. This waterfall is away from the beach and tourists often visit there. The best time to visit this place is during November to March.

Kakolem Beach

Kakolem  beach is also known as Tiger beach. It is one of the hidden beaches in Goa and it is yet to be explored. This place is completely deserted. The best time to visit this place is during November to March.

Cola Beach

This beach is located in South Goa and it is one of the best unexplored and hidden places in Goa. This place is very quiet with less crowds away from the town. Here we can enjoy the coconut trees, tents of Rajasthani style, pretty lagoon etc. The best time to visit this place is during November to March. We can also stay in the resorts.


So here are some of the places which are yet to be explored. People don’t know about these places, so how they will visit. All the places are so interesting and wonderful. These places are less crowded because many of the tourists don’t know about these places. But  don’t think that these places are less crowded so it is not good to visit. All the places have their own beauty. The above mentioned places are must visit places. Everyone once in their life must visit these places to spend some quality time with themselves and with nature. 


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