Best Winter Treks In India

 Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal Trek is in Uttarakhand. In winter most of the trekking routes are closed but this Brahmatal trekking will be open all the winters. This is the best trek to experience for brgineersBeahmatal trek has a forest which has many species of birds and you can see oldest Oak trees. In winters the forest trees are bloomed with pink and red Rhododendrons. The landscapes will be filled with snow all around. This feels like visiting a wonderland with snow all over. This trek is 28 kms long, begins at Lohajung in Chamoli district. You can see beautiful and colourful Oak and Rhododendrons  along with panoramic views with snow filled mountains. On the way there, you will lead to Bekaltal Lake which is frozen during winters.

As you are moving forward you can see Mount Trishul from the woods. By trekking you can see many beautiful meadows and beautiful views of mount Nanda Ghunti, Chowkhamba, Nilkanth, Hamet, hathi, and more. The altitude of the trek will be 12600 ft. It takes 5 days to complete the trek. This trek is easy to trek all the way long yet challenging due to heavy snowfall. Due to heavy snowfall legs will go deep inside the snow, it requires some effort to trek.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is a famous trek in winters. This trek starts at Sankri which is in uttarakhand district.Its altitude is 12500 ft. There are different routes to connect to Kedarkantha trek from eastern ridge, western ridge and Phulara ridge.But through these ways you can connect to villagers. So most people start from the Sankri route. There will be heavy snowfall in winters. This trek is located on the Govind Wildlife sanctuary in Uttarkashi in uttarakhand.

Chadar Trek

Chadar trek is a must trekking trek to experience. Walking on frozen rivers with mountains around. The altitude of Chadar trek is just  11150 ft. You can  see most of the  part which is around you from this peak. Presently this trek was under mafia control, led by ALTOS (all ladakh tour operations association). Members of ALOTA decide  with local operators how many people must trek in a group, who will be transporters and To get paid a regular sum of money. That association will never promise you the safety of Indian hikes or any other services.

Chadar trek is one of the longest popular treks in the Indian Himalayan region. This covers almost 90 km in 8 days. Many people dream of trekking at least once in their lifetime.

The journey to chadar trek starts from ladakh and moves  to Zanskar valley.

Frozen river is the most popular place to trek .You will have a chance to explore remote culture and connect with people around there. You can spot rare animals around the ladakh like snow leopard, Himalayan Tahr, Blue sheep, etc. Best time to visit is in January to february. All the atmosphere and weather in Chadar makes you fall in love. This trek will be like eco-tourism.You will feel cold all along the trip so make sure you have good winter clothes. At some places you need to hike on thick layers of ice. If  temperature rises then the snow melts and water level increases. The leaves of the trees  fall on the floor and branches get blackened due to the cold temperature and weather. You can surf on the frozen river. Compared to other treks  the ice on the rivers will be very thick and you can walk and skate on the river in Chadar trek. You can enjoy hot meals, singing and also a bonfire by the campsites. There is a cave in Chadar trek that is Tibb cave, it is an ancient cave. This place is the campsite for trekkers and you can enjoy a bonfire there.

Goechala Trek

By trekking Goechala trek you can see summits of few rivers which are around you. You will be seeing 14 summits like kanchenjunga. Goechala trek is nearer/touches to big mountains in nepal. Goechala trek came into existence during the civil war in nepal.Singalila range. This is the third highest mountain in the world.Kanchenjunga sunset is the highlight of this trek.

You can see blossoms of Rhododendrons in the months of April and may. You can walk through wooden-log jungles. Samiti lake is one of the highlights in Goechala trek, you can see views of mount Pandim in the water of lake. This trek is the best for Bird watching. The rhododendron trees flower in spring with pink and red. You will cross three bridges through Prek Chu river. Those are Pha khola, tshushay Khola, Mentogang Khola. All those bridges are suspension bridges. You can see a monastery at a trail near the campsite where you need to cross a wooden bridge by a pond.Its altitude is 15100 ft and it takes 10 days to complete the  trek. This trek is the most difficult trek among all.

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