Best treks to do in Bangalore


Best treks to do in Bangalore

Savandurga trek:

Savandurga trek is Asia's largest monolith hill.This savandurga trek is located in the savandurga state forest.This trail is the most challenging trek of many treks. Trekking people will enjoy this trek with full  of adventurous and amazing views of magadi,Manchanabele and Thippagondanahalli reservoirs and Arkavathi river.Savandurga hill was occupied by Dalavayi Devaraja of Mysore.This is also called as ‘Savinadurga fort’ or Fort of death,Because there a steep incline line to trek the structure.

At the base of the hill range two temples are there.One is Savandi Veerabhadra Swamy temple and other is Sri lakshmi narasimha swamy temple.These temples attract many devotees around Karnataka.These temples were built in 1340AD.And also believed that Hoysala were the rulers at those times.You can go by bus,car and bike.

For trekking, the end of September to February are the best months to trek the Savandurga trek.In summers the rocks radiate a large amount of heat and in monsoons the rocks will be slippery you may lose grip due to slipperiness of rocks.The trekking level will be moderate .You can see the ,most beautiful sunrise at this Savandurga trek.There are no restaurants near this trek only few stalls were installed with basic snacks.water is unpurified water.  Carry your own food and water.

Skandagiri Hill:

Skandagiri hill is one of the five hills in Chikkaballapur district.Of all the five hills  trekking skandagiri hill is the most prominent one.Skandagiri hill is located in a village called Kalavara Halli.And this skandagiri hill is also known as Kalavara durga.At the base of the skandagiri hills there is a karnataka’s ancient and oldest mutts that is Papagni Mutt.The trekking starts at  Papagni mutt and goes top to the hill peak.There is a fort which is destroyed  in 18th century.Tipu Sultan used this fort to fight against britishers.But in 1791 tipu sultan was defeated by britishers.

On the hill top there is a panoramic view of the remaining four hills they are Nandi Giri, Chandragiri, Brahmagiri, Hemagiri.Skandagiri is 60kms far from Bangalore and just 3kms away from Chikkaballapur.This trek is the ideal trek for first time trekkers.The time taken to complete the trek is 5 hours.This hill trekking can be done all the year long  in all seasons.In rainy seasons the trek path is very slippery also rocks and will be loose.this makes risky to your trek.While trekking in monsoons and rainy seasons the path will be slippery and rocks will be loose so be careful while trekking.

Kunti Betta:

Kunti betta trek is 2882 ft high slope,With two hillocks in Western ghats in bangalore.Kunti trek is the tallest trek in Pandavapura town.Which is surrounded with paddy fields,sugarcane, coconut trees.This hills was under ruling of tipu sultan in 18th century and also by pandavasPandavas from Mahabharata and their mother Kunti stayed here by dwelling the hill at the time of their exile.So because of pandavas mother Kunti this hill is named after her.At the peak of the slope there is a utensil like moulded stone people says that Kunti used to cook here and prepare the granulate food.This hill also known as Oneke Betta that means ‘fresh rocks’.Pandavas completed their exile here on this hill for 12 years.

While trekking you can see layers of slopes,while heading to kunti betta you’ll see crocodile faced rock,and utensil rocks which were used by pandavas to cook and prepare food.In Bangalore Kunti betta is the best trek near bangalore.The trek passes through the rocks , grasslands, and granite crops.It takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the whole trek.No water is available you should carry your own water. There is a temple at the base where you can refill your bottles there.The landscape resembles volcanic stone.Viewing the dawn from the hill is the beautiful thing in this trek.

Gokarna beach trek:

Gokarna beach trek is a fun trek by the beach side view.Trekking can be started at Kudle Beach side or Paradise beach side. By this trek you can cover all the beaches in gokarna. You can see the majestic Arabian sea.This beach trek is 10kms distance long.This trekking can be done in 5 - 6 hours.The trekking time depends on the how much time you spend  at beaches.Gokarna is the hottest place in summers the sun is really very hot and sometimes gets harsh.This is the basic trek for a common man.The best part in the trek will be hiking through the hills  and crossing the next beach.There need to climb at some places and crossing the rocks and boulders on the way.You can spot dolphins from few cliffs of mountains hills.You can go for ferry ride.Gokarna majorly covers four beaches - Kudle beach, om beach, Half moon beach, Paradise can also cover main beach Belekan beach.Try to carry your own water,sunglasses, sunscreen because you’ll expose to harsh sun and gets dehydrated and tanned.

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