Best Lesser-known Himalayan Treks


Best Lesser-known Himalayan Treks

Often some Himalayan treks are underrated for the unfathomed path it belongs to. However, this obstruction does not diminish the glory of the captivating peaks. Usually, the trekkers who visit these offbeat locations address the depth of peace that surfaces around them. The voice of nature becomes even clearer as you head out with a few pairs of feet. Applied efforts of these treks are also something that needs special attention as most of these are moderate to difficult and demands utmost determination to taste the summit. Treks that are discussed less are generally the ones that come with a lasting impression on the minds of the seekers.

Milam Glacier Trek

As long as 12-13 days are devoted to this trek and range up to a moderately difficult gradient. The peak of this trek sits at the Kumaon Himalayas rising to 23,615 ft. above sea level. Witness the historical ruins of the Indo-Sino War 1962 at eminent points of this trek. The bid for the peak starts from a small village named Munsiyari in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. As you start with excitement to venture out into the unknown, the journey never fails to surprise you with crevasses, forests, and canyons which could be a first-time experience for most of you. Each landmark appeals to you with its best view and adventure that stays longer in your memories. July and August are known to be the months of exception for this trek, lest other months are easily advisable.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek

A shorter duration trek in the Garhwal Himalayas is widely known as a weekend trek but any 2 days of the week can be invested on this trek. A height of 9,915 ft. is attained at the most and a mesmerizing panorama of prominent summits such as Kala Nag, Srikantha, Bandarpoonch, and many more approaches your eyes. This trek is majorly visited by pilgrims who worship the Serpent God. The same path that you take to climb up does not serve you while descending as the other side of the mountain awaits your footprints. Crossing Moriana becomes a delightful treat for your soul as you pass against some scattered shepherd’s settlements. Subsequently, you touch the ground back that is 9.915ft. lower and the trail concludes.

Kalahoi Base Camp Trek

Gradual valleys with sandy and rocky surfaces are found to be the most eminent landscape of this trek. Comparatively an easier trek stretches up to 7 days. The heavenly state of Jammu and Kashmir harbors this offbeat yet thrilling trek. Sprawling meadows of Pahalgam and dense forests of Satlenjan are the most attractive part of the trail.  As you prepare for the summit on the 4th day it becomes even more enthralling. The ridge at the opposite of the accomplishment point must be attempted by you if you have the confidence because you cannot just miss the majestic view from there.

Panipatia Col Trek

Extensively advised to veteran trekkers and mountaineers for this is a highly challenging trek. The route of this trek falls in the category of the highest pass in the Himalayas and witnessed many trekkers losing their way back. Usually, highly experienced trekkers attempt this trek to satisfy their abilities. An elevation of 17,257 ft. is achieved by this peak and encourages their seekers to be equally determined. Madmaheshwar Temple marks the beginning of this trek and Maidagala Tal lake is one of the most rejuvenating lakes towards the end of this trek. Temperatures keep surprising you with cold and preferably from Mid-May to Mid October is taken to visit this extremely strenuous trek.

Bagini Glacier Trek

Walk along some spectacular lakes beside your trail that constantly appear to be your companion. The sight of well-known peaks, while you are still striving for the nearest camp, greets you with a warm welcome. The snow-clad mountains are the most alluring to your vision as you witness such thick mounds of snow wrapping the mountains, incredible. Floral pleasure is another delightful vision on this trail that unfolds orchids of unique colors. The beautifying factors of this trek relegate the difficulty of this trek and make it a moderate one. It could be attempted with a guide by beginners. 

Rupin Pass Trek

Rapid changes in the landscape are one of the major attractions of this trek. A total of 64 km are covered by the trekkers approaching the summit. Gradient ranges up to a moderate level and is attainable by first-time trekkers who have at least tried one trek before this. Numerous gushing streams and encountering Kinner Kailash are witnessed at this trek in the state of Uttarakhand. 

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