Apply For Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 To Get To Marry Your Australian Partner


Apply For Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 To Get To Marry Your Australian Partner

The prospective marriage visa subclass 300 grants the holder permission to visit Australia to marry their partner. If you want to apply for visa subclass 300, you need to know in detail about the requirements and other factors. This article will be your guide to help you apply for the marriage visa 300.

Know In Detail About The Prospective Marriage Visa 300

The visa subclass 300 is one of the most common types of partner visas in Australia. The visa subclass 300 is often called the Fiance Visa. It is a temporary permit allowing you to stay for a maximum of nine months. It will give you and your partner adequate time to plan and organise your wedding.

You have to apply for an onshore partner visa after the marriage. However, the application for an onshore visa must be made before the expiry of the visa subclass 300. The onshore partner visa will enable you to become a permanent citizen in the country of Australia.

The onshore visa can be applied for if you plan to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident. You can also apply for onshore partner visas if your partner is an eligible New Zealand citizen. The applicant of the onshore visa must be offshore while making the application.

Steps To Achieve Permanent Residency Status

After filling the application for a subclass 300 visa, you need to fulfil another two steps. The two steps will lead to your achievement of permanent residency in the country. The two steps are as follows:

  • You are supposed to lodge a combined application for visa subclass 820 and visa subclass 801.

  • You have to pass the evaluation process conducted by the Department of Home Affairs. However, the assessment needs to be taken two years after the first step.

How To File The Application For Visa Subclass 820 And Visa Subclass 801

The visa subclass 820 will allow you to stay in Australia temporarily. Meanwhile, your application for visa 801 will be processed. After adequate investigation, visa 801 will be granted. Subclass 801 is a permanent visa allowing you to reside and work in the country.

  • The onshore partner visa subclass 801 is assessed two years after the grant of visa 820. The immigration officers take into account a wide range of factors. However, a common factor in determining the continuity of your relationship.

  • You need to remain married to your partner when the application for visa 801 is assessed. A de facto relationship also needs to stay intact at the time of the assessment. As soon as your subclass 801 application gets granted, you gain the status of permanent residency.

Geographic Considerations

If you are applying for partner visa subclass 300, you need to be located offshore. You also cannot be within the territory of Australia when the Department of Home Affairs is granting it to you.

When applying for subclass 801 and 820, you can be offshore or onshore. Your geographic location does not have any impact on the immigration process.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Eligibility Criteria

If you talk to a migration agent in Perth, they will help you fulfil the eligibility requirements for visa subclass 300. Take a glimpse at the basic requirements for partner visa 300.

  • You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • You must possess the intention to marry an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen.

  • You have to be sponsored by your partner.

  • Your partner is required to be 18 or above.

  • You need to show proof of having met your partner in person before.

  • You also need to show evidence of knowing each other personally.

  • You have to show genuineness in your intent to marry your partner.

  • You cannot have any invalid divorces or other law impediments according to the Australian legal system.

  • You and your partner have to show genuine intent of staying together as spouses.

  • Your partner has to meet character requirements and undergo police verification.

  • You need to fulfil all the health requirements to ensure that you are not a threat to public health.

Documents Checklist For Partner Visa 300

You have to give some essential documents to increase your chances of getting the visa 300 application approved. Being unable to submit the proper documents can unnecessarily extend your processing time. Therefore, you can hire an immigration agent Perth to guide you throughout the application process.

  1. Personal Documents

You have to submit personal documents to the Department of Home Affairs with your visa subclass application. It will include a passport, birth certificate and other documents. You will also have to provide character documentation approved by the police.

  1. Relationship Documentation

You have to submit a signed, dated and formal letter from your marriage celebrant. You are also required to provide a confirmation of a NOIM lodgement. To prove the genuineness of your relationship, you have to submit two form 888s.

  • The forms will serve as a legal declaration from witnesses. You can choose your own witnesses. You have to also prove that you and your partner have met before.

  • During the meet, both of you need to be aged at least eighteen. You will also have to support the fact that both of you want to begin a new life together as spouses.

  • Evidence showing the history of your relationship also needs to be provided. The documents that you will submit as evidence must give some hints about the origin and development of your relationship.

  • It is also mandatory to signify the date of your engagement. Furthermore, shared interests, future plans and a few other things also need to be mentioned.

Application Fee And Other Expenses

The application fee for the principal applicant is around $1,300. Any secondary applicant below 18 years of age will be required to pay an application fee of $320. On the other hand, any secondary applicant over the age of 18 years will be required to submit an estimated application fee of $700.

Secondary applicants for partner visa 300 include children or dependent family members. Additional expenses for subclass 300 will consist of medical examinations and character checks. You will also have to translate all documents that are not in English originally. Moreover, hiring any migration consultant will require you to pay their fee.

Waiting Time For Visa 300

The average waiting time for visa subclass 300 is around 12 to 16 months. The processing time for visa 300 is influenced by a variety of factors. You might need to submit additional documents, or there might be discrepancies in your form filling.

To gain permanent residence in Australia by gaining the visa 801 can take around five years. This will include the nine months in the visa subclass 300 periods. It is pivotal to consider the timeframe while planning the future with your partner.

Final Thoughts

Visa subclass 300 will allow you to stay in Australia as long as the visa is valid. You are eligible to study and work anywhere in Australia if you possess a partner visa 300. It also allows the holder to travel in and out of Australia an unlimited number of times.

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