Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya

Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya the architect of today's successful coup in Guinea holds a Masters 2 ( back+5) in Defence Command and strategy,  from the University of Paris in France.

Col Mamady Doumbouya was involved in several combat missions in Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Central Africa and Guinea itself.

Col Mamady Doumbouya was highly trained in Israel ,Senegal and Liberia in special presidential protection the reason he was appointed by President Alpha Conde to head the elite force of Guinea Defence Force Called the Special Forces of Guinea (SFG).

Reasons  that the coup Commanders have stated to justify their overthrow of President Alpa  conde through a Military Coup d'etat, .

1. Amending constitution to remain in power.

2. Election rigging.

3. Corruption where top jobs are held by his tribesmate and family members, family members control key positions of economy and are swindling tax payers' money.

4. Growing poverty, hyper - inflation  .

5.Fleecing national resources.

6.Violation of human rights. 

7. Corrupt legal system.

8. Majority youth unemployed.

9.A few tribesmates and family members running the country like a project and more.


  1. Exactly. These are the same things happening in Uganda. May God uphold thee


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