Statement on the abduction of Hon. Allan Ssewanyana


Hon. Allan Ssewannyana
Hon. Allan Ssewannyana
Our team of lawyers have since morning been doing a search for Hon. Allan Ssewannyana who was abducted by the regime security last evening as he walked out of Kigo prison upon his release on bail.

Efforts at all Police stations have not yielded any results, and the abductors in state/Govt uniform believe it’s a favour to inform family of his whereabouts. This kind of unconstitutional conduct will no doubt set up the state against the citizens.

Even if the regime has reason to hold him, the reasons must be made public and held in a gazetted and known place. We demand frm the Police and the Military to inform the Country and immediate family the whereabouts and condition of the abducted Hon Ssewanyana without any further delay. - _Mathias Mpuuga, LoP

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