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DJ Emma Dies Uganda

The Late DJ Emma will be laid to rest on Saturday 18th September 2021 in Namutumba district. Vigil is on tonight a this residence in Kampala and requiem service will be held tomorrow before the body is transported to Namutumba district. #MHSRIP 

Immaculate Asia One dead

Police have confirmed that the body of a woman retrieved from a septic tank in businessman Francis Onebe’s home last week, is indeed that of his wife Immaculate Asia Onebe.


Government Performance: What Explains Government Failure

Semmuju Ntvonthespot

The trouble with Parliament with the exception of South Africa where a decision has been made by Court that parliamentary decisions are not advisory. In Uganda decisions of Parliament are advisory, you pass them, they will say yes but do the contrary - Ssemujju


People who are stealing money even when you stop giving them money, they will take the little. So you would rather continue giving them money, they steal the big percentage and the 20% goes to the ordinary people - Ssemujju


NUP Boycott of IPOD

I suspect these antics are for convenience. FDC, for example, said they will not participate in IPOD but have been low-key getting involved in IPOD activities, including getting funds. - Ofwono Opondo on NUP boycott of IPOD

The idea is to keep you busy in dialogue while they are crashing you. - David Rubongoya, NUP SG

The fact that we have not obeyed the 10 Commandments of God doesn't mean we don't go for prayers.

Has our Parliament achieved all that we want? Can we say we won't participate in Parliamentary activities? No. - Ofwono Opondo

There should be an audit of IPOD. They have veered off from the core issues to periphery issues. IPOD ought to have wound up a long time ago. It is a liability, a platform we don't need. - Erias Lukwago, Lord Mayor

Uganda Police working with a wonderful organisation of "Make a child Smile" has rescued 38 victims of human Trafficking from Kenya.

The victims who are 31 females and 7 males all Ugandans are at Busia, housed in a Hotel pending reintegration to their respective homes.

Human trafficking

NSSF Savers to wait longer for their Cash, Bill scrutiny to start afresh

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah leaves long anticipated NSSF amendment bill out in the cold in guidance that the 10th parliament business lapsed and will not be handled by the 11th parliament.

Data entrants apologise over theft of COVID funds

Seven data entrants from Arua city have apologised for manipulating the system by entering their names as vulnerable persons to receive the sh100,000 COVID-19 relief cash.

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