Govt to pay those listed to have missed Covid-19 relief funds

Government relief fund Uganda

Uganda’s Third Deputy Prime Minister, Lukia Nakadama has said that government is coordinating with the gender ministry to ensure that all the eligible beneficiaries who did not receive the Covid-19 relief funds over inaccuracies in their personal data are paid.

Nakadama who has embarked on a fact finding mission to ascertain the challenges encountered by local government authorities during their course of capturing data from vulnerable persons told journalists in Jinja city on Friday, that all funds meant for eligible vulnerable persons with disparities in their particulars were since withheld, pending rectification of the same before effecting payments.

Citing Jinja city where funds of 61 individuals were withheld, Nakadama however stressed that town clerks should be able to compile the requisite evidence confirming that the said persons are residents within the cities and municipalities where they had been registered.

Nakadama further challenged accounting officers to capture data from all residents within their areas of operation to ease implementation of government programs directly targeting grass root communities.


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