Dr Lawrence Muganga Biography

Lawrence Muganga Vice Chancellor Victoria University

CMI arrested Dr Lawrence Muganga, the Vice Chancellor of Victoria University in Kampala.

Grew up in Kyazanga

His parents relocated to Rwanda in 1994

Did his master degree at Makerere, and sponsored by PK’s office, the president’s office.

PK’s office sent him to Holland for another course.

Did his military training in Gabiro and Intelligence training in Kibuye (presently known as Karongi).

Worked in President PK’s office as a researcher. He worked with people like Himbara.

President’s office got him a PHD scholarship to Edmonton, Canada, this was a scholarship that allowed him to move with family to Canada.

In Canada, he became the chair of RPF in Edmonton.

When James Kabarebe visited Vancouver, Canada in November 2017, the boy invited him to address Rwandans in Edmonton.

His a personal friend to Gen Mugambage who now seats on Uganda desk.

He got the VC job at Victoria through Andrew Mwenda.

Rwanda is building a new network after Ug security dismantling their networks. These networks will be run by people born and grew in Buganda region.

He has been using Rwanda passport in all his travels.

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