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Discover Maia Media

Located in Central Kampala just a stone-throw away from the National blood bank is the Maia Medical centre, on Plot 20 Akii Bua Road. Nakasero. It is a subsidiary to the Maia Group, is a leading international investment trading group with its headquarter in the United Arab Emirates and sub offices/production facilities in mainland China and Europe. Maia Group is rooted in wholesale distribution activities that cover the whole medical supply chain, thus priding themselves with many years of experience in the supply of medical products and high quality services. They are focusing on offering a full range of Covid-19 fighting system and products, in more than 13 countries worldwide: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Uganda.

Maia group along with the world’s leading Covid-19 testing services came to Uganda during the first Covid-19 lock down where our country was going through the fight of Covid-19 pandemic, faced with inefficient government funding and delays of deliveries of the Covid-19 PCR test kits from other suppliers to the country. Maia Group started arranging emergency deliveries from overseas and made donations to the Uganda government at the time which included all kinds of products to fight the pandemic, namely: medical gloves, face shields, eye goggles, KN95 face masks, Protective suits for ICU, covid-19 rapid testing kits, later they donated their advanced fast Extraction PCR detection Machines and reagents, PCR covid-19 testing kits that were a scarce in the worldwide due to the high demand and short in supply of the world pandemic, they saved the government right on time.

Covid 19 fast tasting laboratory

 Another big challenge the country was facing was at the point of entry. At the borders truck drivers from neighbour countries were stuck at the borders for 3-5 days waiting on their PCR testing results to be obtained from UVRI (Uganda Virus Research Institute), a government testing facility to be permitted into Uganda their results were Negative for Covid-19. This not only discouraged people coming into the country but also created congestion at the borders and high risk areas of the highly infectious virus. The country was yeaning for emergency testing centres and fast testing services at the borders to make smooth and timely entry, but yet preventing the increase of Covid-19 cases. Maia group offered their expertise advise with understanding of the Covid-19 management control, proposed to solve the problem and provide the fund for such need, help the government to set up all these mobile testing facilities with the latest fast testing technology and operate them under the supervision of Ministry of health to support such pandemic. Due to the lockdown conditions and changing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Uganda, the approval procedure with all inspections from Uganda side delayed the operation. Eventually after confirmation from licensing bodies, their operations kick-off in June 2021. 
Discover Maia Medical

Being a result oriented and a highly reputable international group their mission is to give fast, accurate and affordable solution for covid-19 testing services to Uganda and yet efficient to work with the ground conditions at the various borders, where space is very limited and yet the labs should operate separate from the government buildings as part of the safety precautions. They therefore came up with the concept of having mobile Covid-19 PCR testing laboratories that can be movable to any part of Uganda as required to be able to clear congestion at any time. Their stake ownership in PCR test machine, reagents, test kits and PPE manufacturing firms was an advantage when it came to making timely deliveries. One example their distribution centre in Holland have been sending direct flights to Entebbe on a regular basis under their strict quality monitoring "cold chain" logistic system and at peak time there were deliveries every week to guarantee that the Maia Medical labs would not run out of supplies. 

With an investment of over 50 billion Uganda shillings, Maia Medical in 3 months, has covered all boarder points of Uganda, set up mobile laboratories at all the major borders and these have been operational without incident proven to be 100% accuracy results given: Malaba, Elegu, Mpondwe, Mutukula, Bunagana, Busia, Kikagati, Mirama hills, Katwe, Kayanzi, Bundibujo are enjoying their fast covid-19 services with their unique technologies for Covid-19 PCR testing. Maia Medical labs are fully licenced and comply with all legal requirements. They are accredited by Ministry of Health and licenced by Allied Health Professional council for covid-19 testing in Uganda, they have full clearances for all Points of Entry to provide covid-19 testing services. Their scores are 100 out of 100 in the lab EQA (External Quality Assurance) an assessment that was conducted by WHO (World Health Organisation) and UVRI (Uganda Virus Research Institute).  They have won many hearts and trusts from both public and private sectors.

Maia medical staff

Maia Group not only have the stake ownership in the manufactures but also have exclusive distribution rights worldwide for the newest fast technology listed on WHO (World Health Organisation) for PCR testing ensuring all deliveries are on time providing fast results from such technologies at affordable rates in Uganda. " With the most advanced and sophisticated PCR technology system we have, we can test 5-6 times more than the GeneXpert machine as well to type and sequence the new variants of covid-19 viruses the country discovered lately"- Paul Okello. (Country manager of Maia Medical) UVRI validated their fast unique PCR test kits and approved the high sensitivity with accuracy rate at 100%. To put it into context, if they put 2 of their mobile labs together with 5 fast PCR testing technology systems, each one of those produces 96 results within 45 minutes, totalling to approximate capacity of more than 400 results within 45 minu
Paul Okello, Country lab Manager, Maia medical
Paul Okello, Country lab manager Maia Medical

With such high speed and capacity to deliver results I believe Maia Medical could even provide this solution to schools for bringing the mobile lab to schools and offer the testing services on site in order to have the educational institutions have their operations back to normal in the shortest time possible. We wish Maia Medical could also provide such advanced fast PCR testing services at Entebbe airport for fast tracking smooth operations at international standards proven to be trusted and counted on. 

We are truly lucky and grateful to have such solid strong support from Maia Group in Uganda, the very first international covid-19 highly reputable operator to be with us, together we fight through this pandemic. 
For God, and my country. 

By Akello Lillian


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