Two more people killed in Masaka despite heightened security


Maria Nakato, 78, and Henry Kiremba, 81, are the latest victims. Kiremba's killers used his mobile phone to call his daughter in Sweden to inform her they'd killed her father.


Fred Bamwine: Several suspects have been arrested, and today morning, someone who is suspected to be coordinating these murderers has been arrested.

Fred Bamwine: I have been enforcing curfew guidelines in Masaka. If people were abiding by these guidelines and going back home early (by 7:00 PM), maybe these killings wouldn't have happened.

Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa: In my opinion, these killings are either an inside job, or it's a sophisticated group that can't be handled by the ruling government.

Hon. Richard Sewamala: When you see the patterns of these Masaka killings, you will realize that only the vulnerable people are being targeted.
This means these murderers have been in that community for so long to identify these people.

Killers call victims by name, others use phones of victims to inform Next of Kin that they have conducted a murder. Security Chiefs, Ministers and Political heads are in Masaka to assess the situation. 

Hon. Richard Sewamala: If there are people dropping these letters (Ebibaluwa), can't these letters be taken for forensics to establish these people by the fingerprints on them?


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