Katikkiro Mayiga Rebukes Bobi Wine for Defending Blogger Lumbuye

 Katikkiro Mayiga Rebukes Bobi Wine for Defending Blogger Lumbuye who called Her Royal Highness Sylvia  Nagginda ‘Malaya’


Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s has slammed National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine for defending Turkey-based blogger Fred Kajubi Lumbuye.

In an emotional speech on Sunday Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s camp led by Kabaka Mutebi Personal Secretary Dick Kasolo said that Lumbuye’s embarrassing statements against the Kingdom are calculated with an aim of undermining and weakening the Kingdom.

’’It is very unfortunate in the case of Buganda, many of our youths greatly lack moral issues and this is an increasing concern, may be the spiritual leader’s needs to help in re - building the decayed moral fabric.’’ Says Dick Kasolo

But some officials at Mengo say that Lumbuye who made a name in crudely abusing and attacking people of Buganda and undermining the Kabaka’s officials, especially the Katikkiro, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga and other Kabaka’s strong supporters was pleasing his master Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine and other NUP supporters have been criticized for defending a man engaged in character assassination of people reportedly opposed to the NUP leader’s political ambitions.

Little wonder Bobi Wine is siding with Lumbuye under the cover of freedom of speech and expression.

According to Mayiga’s personal assistant (PA) Dennis Jjuuko, it is clear Bobi Wine was the backer of Lumbuye’s fake news scheme. 

“Now we know who he was working for,” wrote Jjuuko.

“No wonder they never condemned him as he announced Ssaabasajja Kabaka dead…. the other day NUP leaders called him a hero, a comrade as he celebrated his birthday.”

Buganda MPs led By Hon Muhammad Nsereko appearing on NBS TV’s show known as UNCUT, warned all the people praising Lumbuye  whom he referred to as a ‘fool’ who have made it a daily habit to abuse the Kabaka and his people.

Nsereko further vowed to teach a lesson to any MP who will table Lumbuye’s motion on the floor of Parliament.

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