Museveni to lift lockdown on some sectors

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Pres. Museveni to lift lockdown on some sectors:

Following the end of the 42-day COVID induced lockdown meant to interrupt community infections, decongest public health facilities & give time to government to boost capacity. 

The test positivity rate dropped from 18% to around 8%, although public health experts are comfortable with 5% or less.

President Museveni will have to strike a balance between life (health) & livelihood (economy)

President Museveni is expected tonight at 8pm to announce new measures relaxing on Public transport, Arcades, Kikubo, Mobile markets, animal markets, non food items traders in markets, burials, weddings, sports events.

Reopening of schools is still subject to full vaccination of teachers.

Reopening of bars & music concerts is still subject to 'drunkards are endanger to themselves' & the ongoing UG e-concert sponsored by Gen. Salim S.


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