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Some of us might have completed school or soon we are finishing. The main question that usually comes to our mind is “what am I going to do immediately after school? And this is a hard question to answer if you are not working in your own or family business at the moment. But I am here to help you answer that question. Make sure that you just read the post to the end and might find one that might interest you.

There are so many profitable business ideas to start on your own whether they are your main businesses or simply side hustles to compensate the increasing cost of living expenses or just to get money to save for something big in future. With these ideas you may decide to work as freelancers on site like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and start earning online or even start up your own company.

Here are 16 Business ideas that you can start immediately

Stock photography

If you have a digital camera or even a smartphone that can take good pictures of the things that you find in the places that you visit. And when you upload those pictures to sites like or and many more. You can earn a royalty fee every time some downloads your photos.

Video Editing

If you know how to edit videos. Just know that many people can record videos but don’t know how to edit them and make them look professional. Example of those people include YouTubers, vloggers, advertisers, musicians, actors or even your friends who want to edit birthday or a certain event’s videos. You can head over to, and Or you can start-up your videography company and market it so that you can get clients.

Writing (Articles, or Scripts for movies, essays, music videos, plays)

This another great way to earn extra cash. Don’t think that article writing is for those people who did literature or are very good at English, you just have to develop that skill. For example, Social media influencers that are too busy may need some assistance in writing content with value or may be a blogger who is just starting out may be in need of help in content creation, directors, advertisers and pay you for every content that you create. You can head over to, and, search social media, newspapers for job opportunities

Become a Social media influencers

Most of us spend many hours on social media watching videos, sharing and liking the content that other people have posted day or even trans-night. What you make it you side hustle earning some extra cash instead of wasting time there and data for free. All you have to do is accumulate a huge following on all your social media platforms slowly by slowly so that people can pay you to advertise for them or even unpack review their products.  And you charge them per post. You never know you can earn yourself a contract to work with and advertising agency.

Graphics Design

Everyday people hold parties, events, elections are happening and people need posters or flyers to advertise their events, companies want custom designed products such as t-shirts, books among others yet they don’t know how to make them. That is when you come in and charge them or you can design templates, upload them to stock photo sites like, iStock, vecteezy and many more and you begin earning per purchase. You can also use your skill to design customized t-shirts and sell them without investing anymore cash.

Online teaching

Many people want and love to learn new skills and talents through online courses because one can study from anywhere at their own time and pace. You can create your own courses under a specific niche that you will have chosen and sell those courses online on sites like and Udemy and you earn some extra cash while you are sleeping. Or even on YouTube.


There is an increasing demand for video content but it cannot beat the classic way of publishing your written content online. If you have no idea about blogging then you can simply buy an online course at,, or there are many sites that publish articles about blogging. You can write for other sites that pay you or you can start-up your own blog so that you can display ads or sell ad-space, do affiliate marketing on your blog or site to earn more income.

Social media management.

Most old people can run their own business but they don’t how to properly use social media such as Facebook, snapchat or Instagram to advertise, generate sales, drive traffic to their sites. You can offer your services to local business owners or celebrities to manage their social media accounts then you have a monthly recurring income.

WordPress Site customization and optimization

Many businesses and people want to get an online presence but they don’t know how and this where you come in. WordPress enables you to create websites without knowing computer programming but by simply copy and paste, drag and drop using the existing templates and themes already made for you. WordPress customization is very in demand nowadays. So, it better to learn using WordPress site development earlier enough to get ready to start earning that easy money.

Investment Consulting

Some people have saved their money from their day-to-day jobs and want to invest it but they don’t know how to do so. And this is where you come in to solve their problems. You can start up your consulting company so that you can start guiding them on how to invest money say in forex, crypto-currencies, stocks, start a long-lasting business and many more. But if you don’t have the qualifications make sure that you get them first. Or you can decide to be a go between those who know how to invest and those who don’t. and you get commission for every person you forward.

Business Management

Starting up a business or company is easier than managing it. Everybody wants a business of their own but have no idea how to start and manage a business. If you have a bit of a knowledge and experience on managing a business. you can offer your service as a consultant or even someone who can do the work for them. This mostly favor those who are studying business administration but if you have a good experienced of having managed certain business, people will still hire you.

Advertising optimization

Having a website doesn’t mean that it will just appear among the top google search results. There are many things that are involved such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and using the right keywords. If you are knowledgeable in online ads then great news my friend. Most likely, business owners will hire you to manage their ads online so that they can easily be displayed on sites like google. So that people can easily click on them. You can go for an online course and after you freelance or start-up your advertising agency.

Music writing and production

You might find yourself knowing how to write awesome songs because you are naturally talented or maybe you studied music and arts. There are sites that pay you for writing and sharing with them your music. When they sell some of your music, they pay you royalties because of having copyrighted your music. Or some advertisers can pay you to use your music in their sales videos or some people will pay you for writing or composing for them some really nice music. But most people prefer something authentic. You can offer your services at, and You can google for more sites on which you can sell your music.

Virtual Assistant work

Hiring someone to work for you permanently is becoming a thing of the past. Business owners prefer to hire freelancers from other countries such as India or china simply because of low hourly rate and a very reliable work ethics. You can check for those opportunities on the different freelancing sites. This idea was popularized by the book the “4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris” where he explains the advantage of having a virtual assistant.


Most people say that learning programming is hard but if you have developed that skill. Just know that there are many people or businesses that want websites, e-commerce sites and mobile applications so that they can obtain online presence, sell their products online or even connect with their customers. You design and develop for them those sites for money as a freelancer. You can also program your own apps or games and sell them online if you wish to do so.

I hope you have found some great ideas from this article. Just remember that putting your own business is really a great way to start working on your financial freedom. But it might need a huge amount of work to make it happen such as being forced to take up some courses, first saving some good money aside, building more connections with in the same business that you are venturing into.


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