Vocal Frank Gashumba Scared for his life.


Vocal Frank Gashumba Scared for  his life.

"For me, I am aware of  the government  plan to eliminate  me and I know that I will be killed anytime. Everytime  I leave my house am worried  that they may be waiting  for  me with a drone to take me to their safe houses.  Even  though  am worried,  I won't  stop talking  about  things that are taking  place in my country "said Gashuma 

"I am ready to die because  there is nothing  more that I still need in this world,  so even if I am killed but I can't  stop speaking  about what is happening in my country. Many people  are living  in fear. Many are being  kidnapped without  any reason. There is unnecessary  arrest of innocent  Ugandans."Frank Gashumba revealed  on his facebook  page.

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