See what Fr Kiwanuka said on bobiwine's body guard burial, police plans to exhume body for postmortem.

Fr. Kiwanuka bobiwine's bodyguard burial
Fr. Kiwanuka on Bobiwine's bodyguard burial


 "May the killers of Francis Senteza be buried upside down. The prayer is that they rest in peace in banana plantations and not in heaven because they have not brought any peace", ~ Parish Priest Kilowooza, Masaka City Rev Fr John Mary Kiwanuka preaches during Requiem mass of deceased bodyguard for BOBIWINE who died yesterday and has been buried today in Masaka.

Coffin of Senteza bodyguard to Bobi Wine
coffin of Senteza bodyguard to bobiwine

Via Monitor

Spokesperson Uganda police
Spokesperson Uganda police

Police reveals it was blocked by aggressive NUP supporters from examining the body of the deceased Frank Senteza, a private body guard to Bobi Wine. Police reveals that it has started the process of obtaining a court order to exhume the body for postmortem.

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